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As we all know that as part of the clearcase deliver operation , an integration activity gets created.My question is below"

Is there any chance of the command "cleartool mkbl" getting invoked when the deliver operation is being performed between two streams (i,e Development stream and Integration stream)? Any information on this is highly appreciated.

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Ashok Kumar S

We are trying to standardize our parallel development model, and I am trying to find a best practice to accomplish what we are looking to do. Here is the scenario:

Project: App - Prod
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, Prod, Closed
Repository: App

Project App - Branch1
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, MergetoProd
Repository: ?

The scenario is this: the project App - Branch1 is created in the future, after App - Prod has had multiple changes go through the lifecycle. I want the code visible in App - Branch1 to be the latest in Production at the time of creation (snapshot?).

I want a Cross Project Merge process to bring changes from App - Branch1 into the App - Prod lifecycle once Branch1 is complete with code updates.

I am still new with r12, so I am still learning the differences that need to be taken into account with the repositories. Are they supposed to share a repository, and if so, how does Branch1 get created based on the latest code in the Production state of App - Prod?

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We have folders and tasks using the same naming convention, we basically operate only on these displaynames in GUI.

Now in scripting the CLI the things get a little bit more complicated, as a test has to be done to discern whether the displayname is of a task or of a folder. Is there a way via some sort of a query (or other command) to get such info not necessarily via cvtype, but in a manner that can be scripted. (cm Syn 6.5 and 7.1)


I'd like to automatically make activities obsolete either after they are delivered to Integration, or included in a baseline.

I can't see any clues around the net....
anyone tried or even considered this ?


What actually is the benefit of using Linux as ClearCase server instead of Windows? Is there even a big difference?



Did any of you ever see the version tree for the clearcase file like the below versions hierarchy ?

--------> 0 - 1 -3 -4 ( version numbers).

Version 2 is missing. I checked the history logs of the vob and the branch,but it doesn seems to be like removed. I ran the checkvob for the file, it says no misprotected or broken stuff.

If incase any of you experienced such scenario ever before, please share that experience with me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Ashok Kumar S

Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand the StarTeam checkin model.

A colleague told me that you can check a file into StarTeam even though it has not been first checked out. Is this true and, if so, how is this different than adding a new file to StarTeam? Is StarTeam using an unreserved checkout model?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Aiello

By MBH11 - March 18, 201113 Answers

First off, I am new here, and I'm not positive that I'm posting in the right section, so please bare with me. I'm sure there are many questions to come.

I am a new software CM. I just got tossed into the job. I was pretty much told that I would learn as I went. I am a civilian, but working with the Air Force. I am assigned to a new platform that doesn't have anything set up already, except for we know which CM tool we are using, which is Microsoft Visual Studio.

I was told this morning that I need to set up a numbering scheme for all software. I don't even know what that means, and no one seems to be able to give me any good direction.

Can anyone help me out and elaborate what this means? I would appreciate it SO much!

Hi everyone,

does anyone know of a tool to convert PVCS to TFS (including history)?

Bob Aiello

With the Harvest r12.1 you have to specify a port number when using/installing an agent.

So the question is what port should we be using? I started using 5101.

Only down side I can think of is that my broker couldn’t have an agent on that same port. Currently, the broker’s agent is only used for testing. That’s no loss; I could live without an agent on the broker. I’ve also already opened 5101 on the boxes behind the firewall so by reusing that number I could avoid the inconvenience of opening up another port.

I’m I missing something? What else should I be considering?


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