What port should we be using fo r Harvest r12.1 agents and ports.

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With the Harvest r12.1 you have to specify a port number when using/installing an agent.

So the question is what port should we be using? I started using 5101.

Only down side I can think of is that my broker couldn’t have an agent on that same port. Currently, the broker’s agent is only used for testing. That’s no loss; I could live without an agent on the broker. I’ve also already opened 5101 on the boxes behind the firewall so by reusing that number I could avoid the inconvenience of opening up another port.

I’m I missing something? What else should I be considering?

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jmhga44 replied on March 16, 2011 - 2:16pm.

Try 59001. That's what we're using for agents on r12.1. We even have an agent on the UNIX machine that we're testing r12.1 on and its default port is 59001.

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A very good question and one I was trying to answer at a customer site last week...

The logic for port 5101 is reasonable, especially when dealing with firewalls, but one little feature of rtserver caught me out here - you can get rtservers started when you don't want them - for example if one can't be found when you run a hco. This will then block the agent from starting. Also as you point out, you then can't run an agent on the broker machine.

I elected to use port 5102, as this is the first port in my oft used direct connect port range of ports 5102-5152.

The other PITA with agent ports is that there is no guarantee that the same port is free on every machine - it is quite possible for some quite innocuous processes to steal the port you want to run the agent on. Much use of netstat is then required to find the little blighter.

I do have to ask WHY would you pick 59001? Is this the port the old agents used to use? I thought it was entirely random.

Best bet as far as we are concerned is to not use agents at all and go agentless over standard protocols using the Remote Transport Interface. FTP(S) and SSH are well understood by firewalls and on most platforms other than Windows the servers ship as part of the OS.

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jmhga44 replied on April 13, 2011 - 4:46pm.

I think the agents from 7.1 back all used 5101. One of my co-workers mentioned that 59001 might have become the standard port for agents from either 12.0 forward or 12.1 forward. I'll see if I can find out more info on that..

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Guess I am very late.Anyhow..

I dont think Harvest agents follow any specific crieteria when it comes to port. It can be any random number but it should be made sure that the port agent runs on is open from other systems wherefrom its tried being accessed.





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Agent port range MUST NOT be 5101 that is used by the Broker. It can be any port that you and your network administrator designates for the agent that also does not interfere with network wide ranges.


This TECH TIP on the Harvest Community public forum may help:



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