Need help understanding StarTeam check-in model

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Bob Aiello asked on March 22, 2011 - 12:39am | Replies (1).

Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand the StarTeam checkin model.

A colleague told me that you can check a file into StarTeam even though it has not been first checked out. Is this true and, if so, how is this different than adding a new file to StarTeam? Is StarTeam using an unreserved checkout model?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Aiello

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• Checkout in StarTeam terms means "get", which reads the files from StarTeam then write it to disk. Other VC tools checkout means "lock".

• StarTeam compares the working file on disk to the same file stored in StarTeam, then calculates the file “status”. If the file exists in StarTeam but not in the working directory, then the status will become “missing”.

• Let’s say that you have a file in StarTeam with a “missing” status, and you managed to have a file with the same name and place it in the same working directory. Once done, the file status will recalculate to either: “unknown”, “modified”, “current”, “merge”, “out-of-date’.

• Once the status is anything other than “missing”, then “check-in” command will be enabled and you can check-in OR “force” check-in the file on disk.

So actually, you didn’t perform checkout from StarTeam and managed to perform a check-in.

Adding a file can happen by placing a new file in the working directory to get status “Not In View”, once you have this then you can perform “add” operation.

Does this answer your question?

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