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Upgrading from version 13.0 to 14.5. How do you know the upgrade is successful?


Does anyone have an example of a "completed" up to date Data Management Plan?  

I am converting from CA-Endevor to the Rocket ASG LCM product.  I'm interested in anyone's experience doing this.

I am looking for pros and cons of manual testing in 2023

I am looking for a tool that I can use to track our software licenses for our project. 

Dear All,

What is the difference between a Major change and a significant change?

Hi, I am new to subversion and i need help in migrate Vobs from ClearCase to Subversion,
Thanks in Advance


I am in the process of updating a CM Plan to include IUID requirements. Is there currently a CM Plan which has the necessary language?

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I am looking for a CM consultant who can work along with for few months and setup a CM process in my company. If anyone interested please let me know.

what is the role of software builds like private, integration and release builds in software development life cycle? What kind of documentation is required at build level? Can i allocate version no to a build and when version allocation came into action?

I have been assigned as CM on an OTA project or Other Than Authority Project, very similar to IR&D or prototype. I have written a cm plan based on a department cm plan and modified for the project.  But after discussion with the project lead today, and answered responses to a review of drafted CM plan.  They want little to no CM support, not even recording or archiving their CDRLs.  They would much rather rely on each area to draft, review, and provide CDRLs to customer early on, plus they are using Sharepoint as well to allow customer to review their CDRLs.  

I am interested in others' experience using Mathematica for machine learning online course curricula. Let me first say that I have been programming with MMA for almost 10 years now (out of the 40 I have been programming total!). I love the aesthetics and language structure.


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