Checkouts exist but can't be found in ClearCase. Why?

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mkj246 asked on November 7, 2011 - 4:43pm | Replies (2).

I have a user who is attempting to "rnmame" an element, but keeps getting an error that the element in question has checkouts, but the element is not checked out in that UCM project.

I have seen instances of this before where a user removed the object while it was checked out in a previous directory version, and to fix you just go back to that directory version and undo the checkout. In this instance, there was no checkouts in the previous directory version. The user had deleted the checked out versions (checked out but removed), and I had them undo the checkouts using the CLI unco command. This made the checkouts go away, but it still won't let the user remove them using rmname.

I also had the user delete their view and recreate it, thinking this would undo all checkouts by default, but even that did not work.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

2 Answers

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mkj246 replied on November 7, 2011 - 5:23pm.

I re-examined the "rmname" man page and see there is a restriction that you can't use the command if checkouts exist for the element. There are checkouts that exist for this element in another project. I was not aware of this restriction. It creates a further question, which is if the other checkouts were resolved, could you then rmname the elements in question without impacting there existence in the other project? I believe this to be the case, but wanted to get other admin's opinions. Thanks.

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tmbrandish replied on November 8, 2011 - 9:31pm.

rmname doesn't remove the element from the VOB.

Therefore, rmname would not remove the element from your other projects unless their config specs would select the new version of the parent directory you created while removing the element.

rmelem on the other hand would remove the element from all projects in that VOB.

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