I am writing an automation for promoting the Harvest packages using Java code.

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I am using the JHSDK jar available in ths installation directory of CA to write a java program for an automation project.


I am using the below Java code to select the packages from ACEDEV13.06.00.00 from SW Development view and promoting it to next stage 'Integration Test(AIT)'.


Java Code:


JCaContext context = harvest.getContext();

boolean approve = context.setApprove("Approve"); //Exception @ this line is E0309000d: ERROR: Could not get Process.

boolean promote = context.setPromote("Promote");


//Setting the Approval

CaApprove jcaApprove = context.getApprove();


jcaApprove.setDescription("Approved Desc");



//Setting the Promote

JCaPromote jcaPromoteObj =  context.getPromote();

System.out.println(" getToStateName "+jcaPromoteObj.getToStateName());

System.out.println(" getToStateObjId "+jcaPromoteObj.getToStateObjId());





Exception I get :

com.ca.harvest.jhsdk.hutils.JCaHarvestException: E03090027: ERROR: Could not get Approve Process from Context.

com.ca.harvest.jhsdk.hutils.JCaHarvestException: E03090010: ERROR: Could not get Promote Process from Context.


Do I need to set any mode to context or harvest object to make the Promote process to work. Kindly help me with this.

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I will tweet this question out for you but have you gotten any other calls to the API to work using java already?


Bob Aiello, Technical Editor CM Crossroads

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David Day replied on November 8, 2013 - 1:50pm.

I know this is late, I've been avoiding the site lately. 

It may be as simple as the state your are trying to do the promote in , doesn't have a valid promote process, with the correct permissions assigned. That some thing will fail in any of the CLI attempts

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