What are the best practices for Parallel Development in CA-SCM?

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Tim Betzler asked on April 6, 2011 - 4:30pm | Replies (2).

We are trying to standardize our parallel development model, and I am trying to find a best practice to accomplish what we are looking to do. Here is the scenario:

Project: App - Prod
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, Prod, Closed
Repository: App

Project App - Branch1
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, MergetoProd
Repository: ?

The scenario is this: the project App - Branch1 is created in the future, after App - Prod has had multiple changes go through the lifecycle. I want the code visible in App - Branch1 to be the latest in Production at the time of creation (snapshot?).

I want a Cross Project Merge process to bring changes from App - Branch1 into the App - Prod lifecycle once Branch1 is complete with code updates.

I am still new with r12, so I am still learning the differences that need to be taken into account with the repositories. Are they supposed to share a repository, and if so, how does Branch1 get created based on the latest code in the Production state of App - Prod?

Thanks in advance,

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Actually, I think I got it.

I took a snapshot of App - Prod, and used that to create the baseline for App - Branch1. I added the cross project merge to App - Prod and it pulled in my change as I expected.

Is that the recommended approach?

Additionally, how will it handle refactoring?

Thank you, in advance, for any help!

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We use a similar parallel development strategy. Project App-Branch is created (baselined) using a production snapshot of App-Trunk - thus they share the same repository. You can also add the App-Trunk repository to App-Branch which will just add an empty repository with same name (actually same repo but with no items).

Refactoring should be handled correctly by the cross project merge as well. You might have to do interactive merge if there are conflicts/M-tagged versions.

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