Is there a PVCS to TFS conversion tool?

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Bob Aiello asked on March 17, 2011 - 12:42pm | Replies (6).

Hi everyone,

does anyone know of a tool to convert PVCS to TFS (including history)?

Bob Aiello

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Hi Bob

I havent heard of any explicit tool that converts PVCS to TFS. however you can develop wrappers using TFS SDK for the purpose.

Are you also looking for indirect possibility of moving from PVCS to VSS or SVN and then to TFS. Am i making sense here...


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good suggestions! Thanks Prabhu!

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You have two options:
1. Build your own migration using TFS and PVCS SDKs
2. Use Microsoft Integration Platform which comes with TFS. You will need to write your own adapter, Microsoft has sample code and you can download the source code for ClearCase/ClearQuest adapters.

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Or you can build from scratch if you are unable to migrate all of your projects at once. We are doing such a thing. Because of continuous development, schedule impacts, risks associated with contract approvals and associated costs we are migrating our projects by initiative in the event of a major release or update.

Perform a get of all production source code and check it into TFS is the basic formula. Of course the clients have to be upgraded and people have to be trained...Developers, testers, CM, etc. So by initiative works best for us. People working each project gets the same training, client install, etc. with similar timelines.

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