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By NPierce - July 18, 20116 Answers

We are in the process of evaluating GiT for our developers to use for source control. We already have CA SCM, but they said it does not branch well so they want to use a different tool just for their development state.

One of the requirements is to lock down the GiT repositories so that each team can only update their code. I'm not seeing a way to do this without giving the developers access to the file system where the code is stored.

We have LDAP and would like to use that so that we don't have to manange security seperately. We would give the team read/write/update access to the folder on the file system, but that would not stop them from updating the code outside of GiT.

Am I missing something?

I have to move ClearQuest along with DB2 database from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003. The servers are NOT on the same network.

I got my backup and installed DB2 on the new server, restored MASTR database.

However, I get an error message trying to establish this database as new schema repository (using CQ Maintenance tool).

Any suggestions?

We're kind of in a transitional period (for the last 1.5 years too) where we're moving to ClearCase and ClearQuest, but not anytime soon.

So we have CVS/VSS and we're now going to move to CVS on Linux, one thing we don't want to loose is the integration w/ Clearquest.

Has anyone got this to work? Is there a resource on this? Can't seem to find a definitive answer.


We have Windows clients connecting fine to the broker through the GUI. Attempts to run hsql in a command window get past the login and provide a prompt for the SQL Command.

Any select command then hangs. There is no output in the log.

How to debug ?

It's been awhile since I posted anything here, it's just that I came across this:

With Google use being so widespread, and because "Google Code University (GCU) does not require registration and materials are free to use."

Folks, using this resource will pick up the implied SCM "definition" here of the old bugbear of SCM being seen as just Version Control

Or have we moved on since the days we used to (ty and) fight against this . . . ? . . .



By bglangston - June 24, 20116 Answers

The number of people who could spell CM, if you took away 24 letters and gave them two tries, yet have no idea as to what CM really is!

Let's see:

A: I'm a CM'er.
B: Really? What do you do?
A: I do builds.

C: I'm a CM'er.
B: Really? What do you do?
C: I track versions of files.

Hiring Manager: What is your speciality?
CM Specialist: I'm a CM Specialist.
Hiring Manager: Sorry. There is no software component to this product.

I've often wondered where pre-historic man came up with the notion that he could start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

My company is planning to move to some better tool than CVS/SVN. Hence I as SCM needs to decide which is the ongoing good tool running for SCM for Java/.Net based environment.

Basic Features apart from good SCM requirements, tool should be easy to use & easily automated for Release management/Nightly builds like using Hudson. Good support on editor on windows using Eclipse or so. Tool should be easily integrated with bugzilla/twiki etc.Like CVSWEB good view onto the repo.

Last but not the least a FREEWARE ;)

Thought of github, started exploring it good if experts give the reviews on the same.

Looking forward for comments.

I am using the below config spec which will checkout all the elements from the Label LB_REL_1:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../br_rel_1/LATEST
element * LB_REL_1 -mkbranch br_rel_1

But the problem is I am Not able to Add a new element to source control, I am getting error which says No such Label or Branch exists. Then I tried using the below config spec:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../br_rel_1/LATEST
element * LB_REL_1 -mkbranch br_rel_1
element * /main/LATEST

But this config spec has checkedout all the elements from the VOB even those without the Label LB_REL_1.

Can you please tell me what config spec I should use so that ONLY those elements with Label LB_REL_1 are checkedout AND also I should be able to create NEW elements and Add them to source control.

It would be great help if you can help me.
Thanks in advance

The cli connection(java client) was established in a client machine (Solaris box), but when we invoked the ccm stop command it became unresponsive for hours until we have no choice but to execute ccmdb shutdown.

thanks in advance!


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