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Can someone point me to an explanation of the file naming convention that Dimensions uses for the Item Library? I need to make a correlation between what's in the database and what exists on the file system.


Currently, we have added 'comments' against each 'Revision' and sometimes also apply 'Edit log message' to add or modify the mentioned messages but unable to see the history of the previous comments.

So, is there any possibility to see history of the log messages against the same Revision? Thanks!

For my product, we have 1000's of source files but only a dozen or so need to be customized to brand the product.

Right now I keep copies of those files for each customer. I merge base product changes into the branded files as part of the branding process and I overlay the base product files with the branded files as part of the build process.

Is there a better way?

Jeremy Mordkoff

We're using Synergy 7.1 and Change.

Some tasks were completed and should be associated to a change request. I tried with ccm_admin role :

ccm task -a / -relate task -problem problem

but since the problem is in "concluded" state it failed.

Is there another way ?

We are planning to migrate all our vobs from Solaris to Linux server. Vobs are stored in Netapp.

Procedure I’m going to follow is given below. Let me know if I’m missing anything.

Solaris vob server.

1. Lock the vob
2. Unregister the vob
3. Remove the vob tag
4. cleartool reformatvob -dump -force -host sol-host -hpath hpath path

Linux Server
1. cleartool reformatvob -load -host lin-host -hpath hpath path
2. Register the vob
3. Make tag
4. Unlock the vob

Since all the views are created in Windows I’m not touching the views (windows View Server)


I am new in overall field of Build and Release.

I have installer experience and currently working on build tool like Buildforge for carrying out daily builds and further creating installers using installshield.

In my organisation we have a separate group SCM which comes under our team BRT but have different responsibility to manage SCM tool. We use clearcase and clearquest in our organisation.

I have been offered to work in IBM Rational admin role for build and release. I am confused between admin task and build engineer job to create build script for different project and managing build tool such like build forge. In SCM admin task, we have responsiblity like project creation,VOB Migration,multisite,Managing rational server and other task related to SCM admin.

Can any one suggest scope of what role is more preferable?

Input from the people on this forum would be really valueable for me.

Looking forward for your suggestion.

We currently have code in VisualSVN and now we are planning to use ClearCase 7.1 as source repository.

I have the requirement to move all the versions in VisualSVN to ClearCase. We do not want to loose any old versions in visualSVN.

Can this be acheived? Please let me know if this is possible, if so let me know the tools or the procedure for migration.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


I am planning to move the IBM Flexlm License server( clearcase, clearquest,Requisite Pro)(some of them Node locked licenses) to new server in same domain.

My question is can i able to move the licenses from old server to new server, or do i need get the licenses from IBM Rational?

Please advise??

Thank you Advance!

I need to be able to isolate the branch upon which a given version of an element resides from within a script.

Is there a desc or ls command or something that will take a -fmt argument that will give me the branch?


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