How to set activities to obsolete after delivery/baseline?

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nickbunting asked on March 28, 2011 - 10:41am | Replies (1).

I'd like to automatically make activities obsolete either after they are delivered to Integration, or included in a baseline.

I can't see any clues around the net....
anyone tried or even considered this ?


1 Answer

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Hi Nick,

It'd be easy enough to do, but do you definitely want to? A lot of places I've worked reuse activities if they fail testing.

On the assumption you definitely do, it would be easy enough - you'd want a postop trigger on mkbl and deliver. You'd want the trigger to find out what activities have been delivered/baselined, then run a cleartool lock -obsolete on them.

I'd have a look at "cleartool man mktrtype" to get you started.


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