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I am developing an Enterprise CM Implementation (or Project) Plan in MS Project. I see lots of CM templates and a few CM project templates in MS Word, but nothing as far as a full fledged Enterprise Plan.

This plan is going to ber VERY comprehensive: in essence "Start Enterprise CM" and ending with "End Enterprise CM" (well, at lest its implementation).

If anyone can provide a MS project template of such a CM Implementaion Project Plan, it would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to find all recent baseline created since 1 hour (1 minute or 1 day). We have are working on a project which contains more than 50 project vobs with so many baseline that it is impossible to draw the global list of baseline.

I found the command 'cleartool find -avobs -kind baseline' for the complete list but it is too long to run.
I added the parameter '-version "created_since(20-Apr-11)"' to the cleartool find command, but it doesn't do what I expected it would.

Do you have any idea on how I could quickly find the recent baseline?


Among these:


Or others?


I need to know if there is a way to log all the client requests to the CM Synergy server on the Server. I know that the Client maintains a log, but is there a way to log them on the server as well.

I need to specifically know when each user last updated the source code.


I am working at a 500 SW developer shop as a SCM Tool specialist. Our products are under supervision from legal standards and authorities (very much like the medical industry with FDA). Within the SCM tool we store source code, built items and product documentation.

The problem at hand is that we are coming up against a limit to how much data we can host, as we currently do not have an active retention policy, and I am asked to come up with one.

It would be interesting to learn of how other businesses are dealing with the deletion of CI's (that are between baselines). Best practices?

Stories from our kind of business is a bonus, but any feedback is most welcome too.

The problem might only exist for certain SCM tools, all depending on how CI's are stored, but it is certainly a problem for us.

We are an interop shop currently upgraded to CC/CQ Our vob/view server is unix (SOL). End users are all Windows XP Prof OS (some Linux later)

One of the uses for Rational is a 4 year old home grown DocMgmt app which uses CQ as the document request meta data piece and CC as the document repository for the documents.

One of our user groups (call them TEO for 'Their Eyes Only') wishes to use the system, but needs more security than what is provided currently. Clearcase is set up with only one Clearcase group which has access to all VOBS in an effort to reduce operational maintenance costs (I'm told). However, this means anyone who can create a view, in any region, on any stream on any VOB.

I would like to create a special TEO DEV stream off of the DocMgmt INT stream we now have with 10,000 tech docs in it and create a trigger to validate who is creating a view on the stream and prevent them from doing so if they are not one of a list of ten network IDs. If necessary, we could create a network group and place TEO users in it or just maintain the list with the trigger.

Can this be done and any special considerations?


Do you have problems merging activities between projects and streams ?

Use Merge Activity - Context menu tool (right click on ClearCase Explorer) You can download the tool from:

You will need to configure the tool as context menu in ClearCase explorer with filelist argument.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Demi Goldberg

Hi All,

As we all know that as part of the clearcase deliver operation , an integration activity gets created.My question is below"

Is there any chance of the command "cleartool mkbl" getting invoked when the deliver operation is being performed between two streams (i,e Development stream and Integration stream)? Any information on this is highly appreciated.

Have a great day.

Ashok Kumar S

We are trying to standardize our parallel development model, and I am trying to find a best practice to accomplish what we are looking to do. Here is the scenario:

Project: App - Prod
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, Prod, Closed
Repository: App

Project App - Branch1
States (each with own view): Dev, Build, QA, MergetoProd
Repository: ?

The scenario is this: the project App - Branch1 is created in the future, after App - Prod has had multiple changes go through the lifecycle. I want the code visible in App - Branch1 to be the latest in Production at the time of creation (snapshot?).

I want a Cross Project Merge process to bring changes from App - Branch1 into the App - Prod lifecycle once Branch1 is complete with code updates.

I am still new with r12, so I am still learning the differences that need to be taken into account with the repositories. Are they supposed to share a repository, and if so, how does Branch1 get created based on the latest code in the Production state of App - Prod?

Thanks in advance,

We have folders and tasks using the same naming convention, we basically operate only on these displaynames in GUI.

Now in scripting the CLI the things get a little bit more complicated, as a test has to be done to discern whether the displayname is of a task or of a folder. Is there a way via some sort of a query (or other command) to get such info not necessarily via cvtype, but in a manner that can be scripted. (cm Syn 6.5 and 7.1)



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