configuration management Questions

We are planning to put all the DataBase Stored Procs in to CVS to maintain versions for those SP's,

Can anyone please let me know how can i start with this,

If you have any documetns or links please provide.

Pavan Gattu.

By Anonymous - October 6, 2009No Answers

Hi, I am new to subversion and i need help in migrate Vobs from ClearCase to Subversion,
Thanks in Advance


Hi All,

There is a requirement in our project. Is it possible to recursively do diff with previous version for the folder and files inside it? As for as my knowledge is concerned the command "ct diff -pred" does not do recursive diff for the folder and files. It does only to a particular file or folder.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Basically I want to recursively perform diff to the present directory and its files and folders inside it and put the output result in the text file.
Can anybody suggest me the workaround and how to start?

Thanks to all of you.


By Vincenzo84 - February 25, 20091 Answer

can anyone help me? I'm shold exporting data from Microsoft Excel document and importing them into ClearQuest version 7.1.....there is some tutorial that explain the procedure to importing data into ClearQuest 7.1 from Ms Escel?

Thanks to all....


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