Is it possible to get the cvtype of an object given only its displayname in Synergy?

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We have folders and tasks using the same naming convention, we basically operate only on these displaynames in GUI.

Now in scripting the CLI the things get a little bit more complicated, as a test has to be done to discern whether the displayname is of a task or of a folder. Is there a way via some sort of a query (or other command) to get such info not necessarily via cvtype, but in a manner that can be scripted. (cm Syn 6.5 and 7.1)


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You can easily query even on just the name and return the type: "ccm query -name foo -f %cvtype" or anything else you would like to retrieve. Returning the objectname would give you name, version, type & instance which might help.

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The problem is that it won't work in DCM enabled database, where the displayname of the task for instance consist of <database_ID><DCM_delimiter><task/folder_number>

Simple -name will not retrieve, sadly.

I have yet to try it on WAN client, but thanks for the information.

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The short answer is "no".

The displayname depends on the type of the object. However, the displayname is not, by itself, unique in a database. Here are two examples:

1) Task 1 in database A will have a displayname of "A#1". Folder 1 in database will have a displayname of "A#1". So given a specification of "A#1", you have no idea whether it's the task, folder, or something else that might have that form such as a change request.

2) There are two different instances of a file named readme.doc: readme.doc:1:ascii:A#1 and readme.doc:1:ascii:A#2. Both will have a displayname of "readme.doc". Without knowing additional context, the displayname is not unique.

What Synergy does aim to do is that if for a known type you get its displayname, you can use the value of that pseudo-property as a specification for that type of object. For example, if a command accepts a [i]task_specification[/i] you should be able to use the displayname of a task for that specification to uniquely identify that same task.

If you want to use a form that can be used as a global form for [i]object_specification[/i] that is unambiguous use objectname not displayname.


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Thanks for the info David.


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