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By Terrica Neal - April 16, 20132 Answers


Are there any open source tools that we can use for a small, agile team to track change requests for documentation and baseline item changes?  We don't need it to manage software, just documentation and any other baseline item changes. 

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1. The default rules ignore .o files and obj directory. We built .o files in a lib directory and added to the mapping_rules after INCLDUE ATUO RULES to override and Set Type of .o to 'library'. The admin did a DB refresh,and still Sync (from the GUI) does not show any .o files for the build manager's int prep project.

I can manually add a file of .o and set the type to 'library'. If I set the file to prodcut and recompile it, will a command line reconclie update the .o on an auto task (ie the builder doesn't need to provide an assigned task ID)?

2. It looks like the default rule is to ignore .md files. We build a lot of these and the Sync (GUI toolbar) shows all the .md files as conflicts.

How come the rules aren't doing what they say?


Hello Experts,

  Wanted to understand a situtation: My developers checkins code (majorly) into any bug they feel like & mention bug number which they have fixed in CR. I want to bring in  strict process of checkin code in bug which they want to send in CR. Is this something unexpected i am asking  or difficult or become bottleneck to my developers? Any best practices shared?

Below is my scenrios-

Case 1 - CR has 1 master bug  having 5 child bugs, Commited code in some other X bug which is no where linked in these bugs.

Case 2- CR has 1 master bug having 5 child bugs, sending only 3 child bugs  at last minute call but need to send half commited files in  other 4th Child bug.

Usually we create CR once coding is done & needs to send for Testing but bug is created beforehand. CR is majorly become for  documentation /release tracking.




We have an ongoing disagreement going on here about how do we identify CI's and their relationship to the Indentured product list.

We are using Teamtrack for defect tracking. Now we see more than 30 to 40 applications using teamtrack.

My questions is it possible to list the applications which are using Teamtrack. Do we have any DB query?

I am working to capture my environment. With that said, i was tasked to develope a template so engineers and can capture server/application configuration and what information is to be anyone know of a template already?


Some of our developers get General IO Connection reset error when they do sync work area.

Recommendation:Please check data communication,protocol data etc.,.

Any advise to me.



By Bob Aiello - March 10, 20137 Answers

Hi everyone,

my esteemed colleague Marc Bools and I have started working on bringing back the CM Wiki and we want you to help us with the design and requirements of a new CM Wiki!!!

Here is a hight level list of the topics from the old wiki. This is your chance to help!!

Topics you will find in the CM web 


  • Configuration Management 
  • Software Configuration Management 
  • Build Management 
  • Change Management 


  • CM Tools - Software and tools for Change and Configuration Control - HCM/SCM 
  • CM Integrations - Integration of CM tools with other tools 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

Concepts and theories: 

  • ConfigurationManagementBodyOfKnowledge (a.k.a. CMBoK ™) 
  • CM versus SCM - Thoughts on the differences between the terms CM and SCM 
  • CM Metrics - What you could gain in time and money when using CM. 
  • CM Metaphors and Analogies -- metaphors and analogies for describing CM 

Processes and practices: 

  • Agile Development and Agile SCM - Ideas on Agile Development and how it affects CM 
  • Configuration Management Process 
  • Change Management Process 
  • Branching and Merging for Parallel Development 
  • CM and Web Engineering 
  • CM and Databases 

Templates and Examples: 

  • CM Templates - Quick templates to help you start implementing a CM solution 


  • TBD 


  • Suite Vs Best Of Breed 
  • SCM Readings - Some recommended SCM books and papers 
  • History of CM 
  • WhosWhoInSCM  

Starting points

  • TBD 

What other topics should we include?? How do we provide more value from our new and improved CM Wiki.

Drop me a line and get involved!

Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

Hi everyone,

as always we love to get YOUR input on which topics we should be covering in the coming months. 
Obviously, DevOps is hot, Cloud & Mobile are essential. We have had many issues dedicated to CM for Small Teams, Process and more process and tips and strategies for Build Engineers.

What topics would you like us to cover? What topics would you like to write about yourself??
(Hint - I will help you! - just contact me directly)

Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

Dear All,

What is the difference between a Major change and a significant change?


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