Is there a server configuration template?

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I am working to capture my environment. With that said, i was tasked to develope a template so engineers and can capture server/application configuration and what information is to be anyone know of a template already?

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Pradeep and Bob,

Thank you for your time in responding to my question. As far as the requirements, i was assuming capturing the following as the pilot to see if it's enough:

  1. Server
  2. application on server
  3. version of application
  4. ip address
  5. perhaps hostname

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Hi Germaine,

It is a good practice to capture critical configuration information such as the ports that are used by the application servers backend processes, access URL's, security info etc., There isn't any standard template for this, but will really depend on custom requirements of the team or the project. Many teams maintain the configuration information in XML files that are referenced in web service applications - so, it really depends on the end goals. I have seen other people using JSON/EXCEL templates. 

What are your requirements? Is this information for auditing purpose or will it be used in some real time application service?

~ Pradeep

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Environment management is a key competency. Tools like Puppet and Chef are leading the way with helping to establish deployment frameworks. There are also a number of excellent commercial tools. I will try to have my next Behaviorally Speaking article cover this area in more detail!


Bob Aiello
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