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I have read several case studies on configuration management implementations and all indicate that only about  15% of companies attempting to implement a CMDB have been successful.  That's an abysmal percentage for a project that is both expensive and time consuming and therefore unlikely to gain much traction with IT leadership.  Can anyone provide real world examples of a system being implemented in a large, IT environment hosting a variety of technologies and supporting many different business units?  I have also read numerous articles from Forrester and Gartner and had conversations with consultants from the large consultant shops but they only speak in generalizations.  I'm really looking for real world examples of succssful implementation backed with true analysis of benefits realization and cost vs. benefit.  Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Looking for recommendations on Inventory Management/RMA Tracking software that integrate with Arena Solutions

CM, ALM Engineer in Toronto, ON - web, tfs, sql - [email protected]

I need a way to schedule a promotion in dimensions for use with a deployment

I have a build process that is triggered by hrefresh and a project name is passed to the script from Change Manager and will perform a check-in utilizing CA SCM Command Line Interface.  I am curious if hrefresh can read-in the package name to be passed along with project name to my build script so the script know the package to check into?

While observing a development team currently using ClearCase 8.0 prepare for their build it took 3 hours to attach the build label to the baseline.  What could be causing this this process to take this amount of time?  I currently support a development team that has several VOBs that control 3 or 4K and it takes no more that 10 or 15 minutes. 

Any suggestions as to the problem and how to fix?

This plan can addresss either FCA/PCA Formal audits or in-process CM process review and verification audits or both.

We have Harvest r7.1.

How to resize checkout/checkin default dialog size in Harvest 7.1



Would like to communicate to my environment the importance of following CN process with submitting RFCs.

By Trish Collins - April 29, 20131 Answer

How can I undo a delivery in ClearCase UCM after the delivery is complete?


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