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I need a way to schedule a promotion in dimensions for use with a deployment

I have a build process that is triggered by hrefresh and a project name is passed to the script from Change Manager and will perform a check-in utilizing CA SCM Command Line Interface.  I am curious if hrefresh can read-in the package name to be passed along with project name to my build script so the script know the package to check into?

While observing a development team currently using ClearCase 8.0 prepare for their build it took 3 hours to attach the build label to the baseline.  What could be causing this this process to take this amount of time?  I currently support a development team that has several VOBs that control 3 or 4K and it takes no more that 10 or 15 minutes. 

Any suggestions as to the problem and how to fix?

This plan can addresss either FCA/PCA Formal audits or in-process CM process review and verification audits or both.

We have Harvest r7.1.

How to resize checkout/checkin default dialog size in Harvest 7.1



Would like to communicate to my environment the importance of following CN process with submitting RFCs.

By Trish Collins - April 29, 20131 Answer

How can I undo a delivery in ClearCase UCM after the delivery is complete?

By Terrica Neal - April 16, 20132 Answers


Are there any open source tools that we can use for a small, agile team to track change requests for documentation and baseline item changes?  We don't need it to manage software, just documentation and any other baseline item changes. 

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1. The default rules ignore .o files and obj directory. We built .o files in a lib directory and added to the mapping_rules after INCLDUE ATUO RULES to override and Set Type of .o to 'library'. The admin did a DB refresh,and still Sync (from the GUI) does not show any .o files for the build manager's int prep project.

I can manually add a file of .o and set the type to 'library'. If I set the file to prodcut and recompile it, will a command line reconclie update the .o on an auto task (ie the builder doesn't need to provide an assigned task ID)?

2. It looks like the default rule is to ignore .md files. We build a lot of these and the Sync (GUI toolbar) shows all the .md files as conflicts.

How come the rules aren't doing what they say?



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