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By olive - November 15, 20113 Answers

Hello, I got stuck in a make file which I doubt I didn't use vpath correctly. I came across your article here and I can figure that you are knowledgable about this. Is it possible you do me a favor?
I have a simple make file like this:

vpath %.c ${WPCP}:${CPCP}
vpath %.pc ${WPGM}:${CPGM}
vpath %.o $(WOBJ):$(COBJ)

PCCFLAGS = maxopencursors=30 \
sqlcheck=semantics \
userid=$(USERID) \
code=ansi_c mode=oracle ltype=none \
include=$(WINC) include=$(CINC) \
include=$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/public \

foo.c: foo.pc
proc $(PCCFLAGS) oname=${WPCP}/$*.c iname=$<;\

-I $(WINC) -I $(CINC) \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/demo \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/public \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/precomp/public \
foo.o: foo.c
$(CC) $(CFLAG) -fPIC -c $< -o ${WOBJ}/$*.o

If I make foo.c, then make foo.o (in two separate steps), it works fine.

But if I directly make foo.o, it says foo.c not found after foo.c is actually generated.

And, if I am in the directory where .c should be, then, make foo.o also works. But if I am not in that directory, then cc complains that foo.c doesn't exist if I directly make foo.o. So it seems cc cannot search foo.c in vpath?

Thank you in advance.

Just upgraded to Endevor 14. Have Endevor interfaced with RACF with appropriate values in the Name Equates table.

This item relates to the Primary Options Menu and Quick Edit. Name Equates table is coded as below:

L1=standard value=ABCD
L4=PMENU Items

So RACF rule that is called for PMENU selections is: ABCD.Environment.PMENU.PMENU-Items

With the upgrade to Endevor 14, when a user uses Quick Edit, the RACF rule searched for is:


Can't find any Endevor doc on the $ character being inserted instead of the Environment value as specified in the Name Equates table....

Anyone experience this? Any insight?


I just joined an organization where they didn't use CRs to track changes to baselined requirements. One of the developers asked if they could use 1 CR for multiple changes.

Originally, I told him 1 CR could contain multiple changes as long as they relate to one configuration item. I'm starting to rethink and may have them create 1 CR for each change.

Is the first option OK or should I make them create multiple CRs per modification?

I am a IT Compliance Auditor. Can anyone direct me as to where I might find an audit program for both of these CA products?

I need to perform a security health check and assessment for Endeavor and for Harvest.

My company is using bugzilla since ages. & we use same for project management too.Have developed in-house tool for release generation using bugzilla to.
Moving from bugzilla to redmine for issue tracking i need some solid reasons. can some1 direct me to those pros-cons?

Btw: Is redmine one the best tool available?

My requirements-

1) Product managers can easily track there minor,major,enhancement projects through that

2) tech leads/dev can get there projects commits logged easily

3)resource/project tracking

4)managers to get reports about user/employee load, job done, graphs and charts about work progress, and other sorts of reports

5)Estimated time planning

6) authorization/approval of commits

I have been looking for the information I need to create an HTML file using Team Script in SBM that displays values from fields. I can't find any examples or help with this. In the example below, I simply want to write the field value for "FIELD_EMPNAME".

Ext.WriteStream <p>Employee Name: FIELD_EMPNAME</p>

Could someone please give me an example of this?

By vishjack - August 22, 20111 Answer

Hi, am new to ClearQuest development. i am trying to debug a code not able to to do so.

I am trying to check the par/child relationship. If the Defect is being put in Completedstate it should first check the child activity is in completed state or not if not it should not put the Defect in completed state. i am trying to send the o/p to the dbwin32 console but the statement i have put in OutputDebugString is not appearing in dbwin32 so i am not able to figure out the code is executed or not...

Any help would be appreciated ?

Here is my code:

sub Defect_Validation {
my($actionname, $actiontype) = @_;
my $result;

# }
$sessionObj = $entity->GetSession();
#Display a debug string via a debugger
$sessionObj->OutputDebugString(" Inside the Defect_Validation routine.\n");

$ActList = $entity->GetFieldValue("parchildact")->GetValueAsList();

$sessionObj->OutputDebugString(" ActList= $ActList \n" );

if ( $entity->GetFieldValue("parchildact")->GetValueStatus == $CQPerlExt::CQ_HAS_VALUE)

foreach my $act (@$ActList)
# &Debug("*** BaseCMActivity:" . $act);
# Get each Activity Record
my $Act = $session->GetEntity( "BaseCMActivity", $act );
# Get the State of the Activity Record
$ActState = $Act->GetFieldValue("State")->GetValue();
# &Debug("*** State:" . $ActState);
# if the state of any associated Activity Record is NOT Completed, then fail
if ($ActState ne "Complete") {
$result = "All associated BaseCMActivities must be in the \"Complete\" State.";
return $result;



$result = "";
return $result;

I work with Synergy 7.1 (web interface only).

For one of my project, it will be necessary to show the version of all files or a lot of files inside the work area. With the GUI, it's possible to modify the option to see the "project-specific in work area path". But, does it possible to make the same for all files?

Thank you for your help.


I’m conducting a short study to identify what awareness information does the decision maker (Configuration Control Board members) should know/aware while completing some of the tasks below.

Task 1 – Tasks to analyse the proposed change request
Task 2 – Tasks of determining what changes to make
Task 3 – Tasks of assigning of developer(s) to implement a change
Task 4 – Tasks of assigning testers to verify a change

Sample answer:
Task 3 – Task of assigning of developer(s) to implement a change
Answer - The CCB should know the expertise of the developers.

There might be a few things that CCB members should know while completing each task. Inputs from the practitioners are highly appreciated.

I recently cloned an existing ENDEVOR type JCL and created a new type PJCL. Except the name of the type and the description I changed nothing in the DEFINE SCL statements.

Now both types seem to share the same "processor group output type", since I didn't changed that literal while defining the new type. This is a pity because it shall be possible, that elements with the same name exist in both types. Of course both types have different source and delta libraries.

My question is: Except with deleting and defining the new type again (which would be cruel since already elements are stored under this new type PJCL), is there a way to alter the "processor output type" in the definition of the processor group of that new type?

This is probably a simple or silly question, but though I administer ENDEVOR for a couple of years now, I never ran into something similar.

kind regards


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