Need help selecting Bugzilla replacement - Redmine or another system for issue tracking

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Kapila Narang asked on October 3, 2011 - 12:04pm | Replies (4).

My company is using bugzilla since ages. & we use same for project management too.Have developed in-house tool for release generation using bugzilla to.
Moving from bugzilla to redmine for issue tracking i need some solid reasons. can some1 direct me to those pros-cons?

Btw: Is redmine one the best tool available?

My requirements-

1) Product managers can easily track there minor,major,enhancement projects through that

2) tech leads/dev can get there projects commits logged easily

3)resource/project tracking

4)managers to get reports about user/employee load, job done, graphs and charts about work progress, and other sorts of reports

5)Estimated time planning

6) authorization/approval of commits

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Bob Aiello replied on October 4, 2011 - 12:20am.

There are many defect tracking and process automation systems that are out there. One issue could potentially be integrating with your version control system (VCS). What are you using for your source code management.

ClearCase integrates nicely ClearQuest and RTC comes with its own (robust) workflow automation tool.

Trac is very popular and there are lots more.

Bob Aiello

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We using CVS & svn both. Guess redmine wont suffice the qualities bugzilla have for defect tracking.

what are your views?

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usercm stated: "Btw: Is redmine one the best tool available?"

Thats a subjective question that can't be answered. It really depends on your needs and what you want to accomplish, basically your requirements.

Obviously bugzilla isn't working for you or you wouldn't be looking at other options. So I recommend this, write down your requirements and see what tool best meets those needs, then you will have the "best" tool for your group.



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Thanks Joe.

My requirement is kinda project management & sending releases directly from bug id mapping instead of referring any other tool like we use CCR(change control manager).

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