Has anyone worked with GIT and Bugzilla integration?

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Nirmal Sheth asked on May 11, 2012 - 12:05pm | Replies (3).

More specificly, integration of GIT and Bugzilla using SCMBug?

I am trying to achive the below tasks

1. SCM to DT - Comments are synced
2. Mail Notification
3. Change Bug Resolution State
4. Verification of Presence Of Distinct Bug Ids
5. Verification of names used in labeling operations, match a configurable label naming convention
6. Verification of valid SCM To Bug-tracking Username Mapping via LDAP
7. Verification of valid Product Name
8. Verification of valid Bug Owner
9. Verification of Open Bug State

3 Answers

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seeking answer to same query did you get it sorted out?

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Yep, we were able to get it working. The issue was with the version of Bugzilla and GIT that we were trying to integrate. Once we fixed that, the reset fell in place.

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wow! thanks  can u share which versions u using?

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