How do I Unreserve a checkout or undo a checkout n ClearCase?

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lmstsscm asked on March 10, 2011 - 10:32am | Replies (3).

I've done a search for this particular case and have found no resolutions. I have a developer who has a file checked out (reserved) in a snapshot view on his PC. He is currently out of town and someone else needs to check out that file. How can I as the vobadmin change that reserved checkout to an unreserved checkout?

If that cannot be done, how can that file be "unco"?

If I need to remove that checkout, will the following command remove all checkouts in that particular view?
[center]"cleartool rmview -tag -uuid <UUID> -avobs"[/center]

What command syntax would be used to just remove that checkout only?

Thanks in advance for responses.

3 Answers

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Try "cleartool unreserve {element}" as the vobadm.
Getting rid of the view is excessive but you can get rid of the CO's held by that view in a specified VOB but that is also heavy handed. Since it is a snapshot view, Identify all the CO's and save the files that have been changed, when the user gets back they will be able to merge their changes as needed. I suggest the "unreserve" path.

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lmstsscm replied on March 10, 2011 - 1:25pm.

The "cleartool unreserve <element>" command didn't work; the indication said something along the lines of "could not find checkedout version of <file>." I also ran a cleartool lsview -l > view_list and that particular snapshot view did not show up. I don't know exactly why, but it was active on the user's PC.

Still stuck :(

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If you can get on the PC that the user was on then you can go to the view.
Since it is a SSV then it depends where the View Storage dir is.
If you have access to the View Storage dir then use the "-view view-stg-dir" option in the unreserve command, if not then you may need to rmview from that VOB only to remove the objects held by that view+vob combination.

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