Question about Endeavor - QuickEdit and the $ Character

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Digital_CB asked on November 10, 2011 - 6:30pm | Replies (1).

Just upgraded to Endevor 14. Have Endevor interfaced with RACF with appropriate values in the Name Equates table.

This item relates to the Primary Options Menu and Quick Edit. Name Equates table is coded as below:

L1=standard value=ABCD
L4=PMENU Items

So RACF rule that is called for PMENU selections is: ABCD.Environment.PMENU.PMENU-Items

With the upgrade to Endevor 14, when a user uses Quick Edit, the RACF rule searched for is:


Can't find any Endevor doc on the $ character being inserted instead of the Environment value as specified in the Name Equates table....

Anyone experience this? Any insight?


1 Answer

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I would recommend to trace back whether the BC1TNEQU table has been correctly mapped. using EN$TRESI dd card

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