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I've been reading through the Synergy Admin guides we have and one of them recommends running this command weekly, after the ccmdb backup has run.

To the best of my knowledge, this is something we haven't been doing.

Before I run it though, I'm wondering if anybody knows (a) how long the command takes to run, and (b) is repairing the indices likely to increase Synergy performance at all?

The size of our databse is as follows:

[code]bash-3.00$ ccmdb info -k size <db_name>
2953216 KBYTES[/code]


I would like to disable some options from Java Client of Synergy. For example, I dont want developers to Create Release. As an admin, I want it to do myself for them.
Is this possible to disable Actions --> Create Release... ?

Deepak Bawankar

I'm needing to set the value of a single-select field that is shared/same between a parent and subtask.

When the field value of the subtask changes, I would like to populate the same field on the parent with the same value of the subtask.

Is there a way a TeamScript can identify the associated parent of a subtask AND set the parent's field value when that same field changes in the subtask? Any ideas?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer.

I would really like to get my hands on a copy of the full documentation for the Perl API. I have seen parts of it posted on this forum but not enough to allow me to work with CR attachments.


We have a Clearquest application solution for internal audit tracking.

One record type as parent is the audit "Finding". The other record type as child is "Action". Of course both record types appear on the dropdown menu to create new records, but I don't want actions created without parents from that menu which happens from time to time.

How to remove the child "Action" record type just from the menu? Or prevent it from being created as a new record when not linked to a parent record?

Any solution is welcome.


Classifying changes as I/II is sometimes hard to agree even though we are guided by Mil HDBK 61, etc.

For instance, would you interpret a minor change on a customer approved spec always as I?
Or would you classify a major change on code as I prior to customer acceptance?

I am importing updates to ClearQuest data.

My import file is a text file that was created as export from another (non CQ) database. I select that I import "updates to existing records) however the import tools creates new records and updates also. I map id in the text file to the id in CQ.

Can anyone help, please? This is urgent.

I need to be able to restrict Adding/editing attachments based on where the person is in the workflow. Is that possible? if so, how?

We're using Synergy 7.1 and Change.

Some tasks were completed and should be associated to a change request. I tried with ccm_admin role :

ccm task -a / -relate task -problem problem

but since the problem is in "concluded" state it failed.

Is there another way ?

Anyone knows if it is possible to export/import only some Record Types of a schema?

or an export/import operation is only possible to do with the whole schema?




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