How do you set change classifications as major or minor?

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Ayse Uras asked on March 1, 2011 - 7:21pm | Replies (1).

Classifying changes as I/II is sometimes hard to agree even though we are guided by Mil HDBK 61, etc.

For instance, would you interpret a minor change on a customer approved spec always as I?
Or would you classify a major change on code as I prior to customer acceptance?

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That is a question for the customer to answer. If they have signed off on the original change and now your changing it again. So they have to determine whether or not its a I or II level change.

For the level II changes same thing, what are the customers expectations. If you are going to UAT and made a code change, are they aware of the change. Whether you agree on it internally is irrelevant, its what the customer thinks and wants, whether they are internal or external.



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