How can we monitor traffic on UDP port coming through Data diode ?

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Hello All ,

I am looking for a solution on how can we monitor the traffic received on UDP ports ( preferably through Nagios)

As per our setup , we are using Data Diode for highly secure unidirectional flow . There is a backend third party application which is sending data and it comes through data diode to the top layer on specific UDP port ( dual node active-active setup for high availability ) .

Now sometimes we fall in the situation when one of the data diode leg stop working which ultimately impacts the overall  data flow .

As per current situation , I am using a customised shell script which uses TCPDUMP on UDP ports to ensure we are receiving data on both leg of Data daiode . The script use to monitor the TCPDUMP traffic every 15 min and if no data received in last 15 min then sleep for 10 min and check again.

If no data received while second check then raise an alarm via Nagios .

Please let me know if we can use more optimised solution to monitor this setup .


Thanks in Advance !!


1 Answer

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Bob Aiello replied on September 30, 2015 - 10:04pm.

There are lots of ways to monitor traffic - it really depends upon what you want to do. Most of us would wireshark or some other port monitoring tool. Is this part of environment monitoring or creating test cases for automated playback.

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor

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