can CA SCM hrefresh read in package name?

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I have a build process that is triggered by hrefresh and a project name is passed to the script from Change Manager and will perform a check-in utilizing CA SCM Command Line Interface.  I am curious if hrefresh can read-in the package name to be passed along with project name to my build script so the script know the package to check into?

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what platform are you on and what version of SCM are you using? I believe that there are a number of environment variables that can be seen but my guess is that you need to consult CA support for this one. I will tweet this out and see if anyone else has grabbed environment variables from hrefresh.

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor CM Crossroads

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David Day replied on July 17, 2013 - 1:23pm.

Using the -pl option with hrefresh allows you to act upon a package list. It can be a "list" of one.


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