Does anyone have an example of a Configuration Audit Plan?

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John Lumb asked on May 31, 2013 - 8:26am | Replies (1).

This plan can addresss either FCA/PCA Formal audits or in-process CM process review and verification audits or both.

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Hi John,

perhaps you could explain what you are looking for a little bit more. The IEEE 828 Configuration Management Standard is widely used to create CM Plans as is the EIA 649-B standard as well. The four classic functions included in CM Planning are configuration identification, status accounting, change control and configuration audit. Most CM plans address all four functions.

You are correct in differentiating between the physical and functional configuration audit. The physical configuration audit ensures that the right CIs are physically in place. The functional configuration audit ensures that the CIs are functioning as they should. This is from the very authoratative sevocab

functional configuration audit (FCA). (1) audit conducted to verify that the development of a configuration item has been completed satisfactorily, that the item has achieved the performance and functional characteristics specified in the functional or allocated configuration identification, and that its operational and support documents are complete and satisfactory (IEEE 828-2012 IEEE Standard for Configuration Management in Systems and Software Engineering, 2.1) See Also: configuration management, physical configuration audit

Are you trying to comply with a specific regulatory requirement?


Bob Aiello, technical Editor

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