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Hello Experts,

  Wanted to understand a situtation: My developers checkins code (majorly) into any bug they feel like & mention bug number which they have fixed in CR. I want to bring in  strict process of checkin code in bug which they want to send in CR. Is this something unexpected i am asking  or difficult or become bottleneck to my developers? Any best practices shared?

Below is my scenrios-

Case 1 - CR has 1 master bug  having 5 child bugs, Commited code in some other X bug which is no where linked in these bugs.

Case 2- CR has 1 master bug having 5 child bugs, sending only 3 child bugs  at last minute call but need to send half commited files in  other 4th Child bug.

Usually we create CR once coding is done & needs to send for Testing but bug is created beforehand. CR is majorly become for  documentation /release tracking.




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hi Kapila,

it is very common to have one or mmore bugs (or defects) mentioned in the release notes that are associated with a particular change request (CR). But we don't usually associate the changeset directly with the CR. Instead we create workitems (including defects) and associate the changeset with the workitem.

Then your CR should have a list of workitems that are addressed in a particular release. This is usually described in the release notes.


Bob Aiello
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