How do I identify CIs and their relationship to the indentured product list?

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We have an ongoing disagreement going on here about how do we identify CI's and their relationship to the Indentured product list.

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Hi Robert,

could you please tell us the platform and technology that you are using? If you are in C#/.net then you typically embed the version ID into the Assembly using MSBuild or ClockOnce. If you are using C++ then most of us use SCCS "what"strings and for Java we typically create a VersionID class and embed the version ID into the manifest (you can do this using Ant or Maven). Telling us the technology would help us to answer your question.

Similarly, could you explain what you mean by Indentured product list and also advise on whether or not you must comply with specific industry standards or frameworks. The product list can be used in a few different ways but typically it contains a comprehensive list of CIs and their interrelationships including interfaces. Also, are you doing hardware or software CM (or both)?


Bob Aiello
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Bob, thank you for your response.


We are performing CM at a high level on approximately 42 systems which contain Hardware and Software and some just Software. We don't develop any of them. Together all 42 systems create the system of record. The 42 systems are developed by commercial vendors and some are developed by Government program offices. As changes occur, ECRs are written and the CCB will determine which ECRs will go into the next release. Our job here is to determine if the changes affect any of the other systems within the 42. So in essence we integrate the changes as they are approved. So here is the scenario:

The top level system is "ABC" at release 15, this is level 0. "ABC" is my first CI. The 42 systems make up "ABC". One of the 42 systems is "DEF", this is at version 1.0.2, which is my next CI at level 1. System "DEF" sits on a Dell server 2950, my HWCI and at level 2 is the software application, "XYZ" version 5.2, making up my CSCI. The levels explained here is my "Indentured Product List". This is how I see my CIs.

My understanding of identifying CIs is: CIs are identified down to the lowest replaceable/repairable unit/item. Does this make sense?


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