Synergy 7.2 - can't get the mapping rules to work 100%.

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1. The default rules ignore .o files and obj directory. We built .o files in a lib directory and added to the mapping_rules after INCLDUE ATUO RULES to override and Set Type of .o to 'library'. The admin did a DB refresh,and still Sync (from the GUI) does not show any .o files for the build manager's int prep project.

I can manually add a file of .o and set the type to 'library'. If I set the file to prodcut and recompile it, will a command line reconclie update the .o on an auto task (ie the builder doesn't need to provide an assigned task ID)?

2. It looks like the default rule is to ignore .md files. We build a lot of these and the Sync (GUI toolbar) shows all the .md files as conflicts.

How come the rules aren't doing what they say?


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Hi Brandon,

Troubleshooting mapping rules in Synergy can indeed be tricky. Here is a really good resource from IBM for Mapping Rules in Synergy 7.2

Here is a short excerpt from this resource (page 29)

Troubleshooting mapping rules
If the rules that you have entered have no effect, do the following:

  1. Check that the changed rules have been saved.
  2. Check that the rules have not been superseded by rules that follow them in the rules list.IBM® Rational® Synergy Mapping Rules
  3. Use the ccm migrate -preview command before doing the actual migrate in order to verify that the rules have been properly applied. If they have not, correct the rule and do the preview again.
  4. Specify for what kind of file the rule has to be applied. For example, if a directory by the name of core exists and a rule is WHEN %name=='core' SET TYPE TO 'binary', the directory core would be set to type binary. To avoid this behavior modify the rules as WHEN %name=='core' && %type!='dir' SET TYPE TO 'binary'.

I will also tweet this topic out to get some others to add their advice as well!

Bob Aiello

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