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How to Establish a Rapid QA Process for Web Development[presentation]

The majority of Web development projects incorporate a start-up scenario that slowly evolves a small group of test engineering roles made up of people with little or no QA experience.

Patricia Humphrey,
Designing Reusable Test Automation[presentation]

This paper introduces the Sequencer design that facilitates the creation and execution of reusable operations. The idea behind the Sequencer is to carve the product under test into sets of functional operations.

Edward Guy Smith, Mangosoft Incorporated
Internationalizing Your QA Process[presentation]

The main topics of this presentation are: Understanding G11N, I18N and L10N; Planning for a Global QA Process; Overcoming Language-Specific Testing; and Selecting the Proper Tools.

Benson Margulies and Tom Lee, Basis Technology
Bottlenecks Exposed: The Most Frequently Found Performance Problems[presentation]

Dan Downing's experience with stress testing projects has revealed a handful of common denominators present in most Web site performance problems.

Dan Downing, Mentora
Learning to Test Wirelessly[presentation]

Wireless testing is closely related to Web testing, but they are not twins.

Geraldine Conley, Golden-Gate Technologies, Inc.
Flight Recorders: Analyze and Fix Defects Quickly[presentation]

Users find 25 percent of your defects after your software goes live, according to a recent study.

Oliver Cole, OC Systems, Inc.
DAST: The Diagnostic Approach to Software Testing[presentation]

Every test manager knows the pain of testing in a chaotic environment.

Hung Nguyen, LogiGear Corporation
Enjoying the Perks of Model-Based Testing[presentation]

Software testing demands the use of some model to guide such test tasks as selecting test inputs, validating
the adequacy of tests, and gaining insight into test effectiveness. Most testers gradually build a mental

Ibrahim K. El-Far, Florida Institute of Technology
Testing an eCommerce Shopping Cart Site[presentation]

Karen Johnson takes attendees through a shopping session that recreates a number of possible scenarios-and highlights what can go wrong. She'll also explain how to prevent defects from going live on your production Web site.

Karen N. Johnson, Peapod, Inc.
The Simplest Automated Unit Test Framework That Could Possibly Work[presentation]

Everyone pays lip service to the importance of unit testing, but rarely do developers actually integrate unit testing into their daily routine.

Chuck Allison, Utah Valley State College
Software Code Inspection for Defect Prevention[presentation]

Thousands of hours are spent testing, but most software professionals find that traditional testing simply isn't enough to ensure code quality. This presentation gives software professionals a complementary approach: software inspection.

Jasper Kamperman, Reasoning
How to Break Out of the Same Old Routine with Retrospectives[presentation]

How many times have you finished testing on a release and said "Boy, I never want to go through one like that again." Or have you ever had a project canceled and said "If only I would have known at the beginning, what I know now, I would have

Randy Slade, Kaiser Permanente Information Technology
Is Quality Negotiable? Experiences of an eXtreme Programming Tester[presentation]

If you want a higher quality product in an eXtreme Programming (XP) project, you must be prepared to pay a higher price. We make decisions and compromises based on quality versus cost every day.

Lisa Crispin, BoldTech Systems
STARWEST 2001: Bug Hunting: Going on a Software Safari[presentation]

This presentation is about bugs: where they hide, how you find them, and how you tell other people they exist so they can be fixed. Explore the habitats of the most common types of software bugs.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software
Managing the Test Effort Using Requirements-Based Testing Metrics[presentation]

It's difficult to quantify the true state of a test effort. Often, it's measured by quantity of work combined with deadline compliance. But if this is the case, then the true level of quality remains unknown.

Gary Mogyorodi, Bit Inc.


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