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Release Criteria: Defining the Rules of the Product Release Game[presentation]

How do you know when you're finished testing? How do you know when the product is ready to ship?

Johanna Rothman
Risk: The New Language of eBusiness Testing[presentation]

Balancing testing against risk in eBusiness and e-commerce applications is essential because we never have the time to test everything. But it's tough to "get it right" with limited resources and the pressures to release software quickly.

Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Limited
Mining the Gold from Your Web Server Logs[presentation]

How often have you wished that you knew what your customers really thought of your Web site? You can extract a gold mine of information from your Web server's log to reveal how your site is used.

Karen Johnson, Peapod, Inc.
Wireless Application Testing[presentation]

Putting the Web on cellular phones, PDAs, and other wireless devices is all the rage.

Scott Moore, CommerceQuest
Results From Inspecting Test Automation Scripts[presentation]

In many ways, development of scripts for automated testing is similar to software development. It involves requirements, design, code, test, and use.

Howie Dow, Compaq Computer Corporation
When Test Drives the Development Bus[presentation]

Once development reaches "code complete," the testing team takes over and drives the project to an acceptable quality level and stability. This is accomplished by weekly build cycles or dress rehearsals.

Cindy Necaise, MICROS Systems, Inc.
A Reusable Web Load Testing Process[presentation]

You've purchased the tools. Now you're ready to start Web load testing.

Glen Schulze, PHH Arval
Introduction to Testing XML and Related Technologies[presentation]

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) provides a standards-based approach for defining and exchanging data.

Michael Cooper, Revenue Technologies Corporation
White-Box Testing: What Your Developers Don't Want You to Know[presentation]

In this presentation, John Peraza describes how to use white-box testing to discover those defects that would otherwise remain undetected if you only conducted black-box testing.

John Peraza, BMC Software, Inc.
STAREAST 2001: Designing an Automated Web Test Environment[presentation]

This paper offers an alternative to the typical automated test scripting method of "record and playback now and enhance the automation environment later." It explores a regression automation system design for testing Internet applications thr

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group, Inc.
Managing Test Automation Projects[presentation]

Automation has three dimensions (organizational, process, and technical), and you should adopt a three-part solution: match skills to tasks; define requirements, environment, and hand-off; and adopt an automation approach and architecture.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft, Inc.
Java Meets eBusiness: How to Avoid The "Scalability Surprises"[presentation]

Many corporations are now using Java technologies to deliver mission-critical eBusiness applications for both the intranet and Internet.

Yves de Montcheuil, Empirix, Inc.
What are Patterns? Why Should Testers Care?[presentation]

Patterns are a way of explaining design decisions. This format, invented by the architect Christopher Alexander and his colleagues, has been used in computer fields such as object-oriented design, risk management, and software testing.

Sam Guckenheimer, Rational Software and Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
Outsourced Testing: Should You Consider it?[presentation]

The need for a reliable test process and knowledgeable testers is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Kenneth Paczas, Compuware Corporation
Looking Under the Covers to Test Web Applications[presentation]

Web applications are more difficult to test than other applications, yet their mission-critical nature and high visibility make high quality testing essential.

Oliver Cole, OC Systems, Inc.


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