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STARWEST 2001: Designing an Automated Web Test Environment[presentation]

This paper offers an alternative to the typical automated test scripting method of "record and playback now and enhance the automation environment later." It explores a regression automation system design for testing Internet applications thr

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group, Inc.
No Best Practices: How to Think About Methodology[presentation]

How do the things you hear at a conference relate to the choices you make on the job?

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.
An Introduction to Web Load Testing[presentation]

This session walks participants through the process of Web load testing. Jim Hyatt takes this opportunity to cover everything from what testing tools are available to how to plan for load testing.

Jim Hyatt, Spherion
Three Seasons of Test Automation: A Case Study[presentation]

This presentation makes the following recommendations related to automating testing: don't automate all of an application (seventy to eight percent); don't automate all applications (stable, long term); don't take a 3G approach for short term

Russell Roundtree, Landmark Graphics and Mike Sowers, Software Development Technologies
STARWEST 2001: Exploratory Testing in Pairs[presentation]

Exploratory testing involves simultaneous activities-learning about the program and the risks associated with it, planning and conducting tests, troubleshooting, and reporting results.

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc. and Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Establishing Best Testing Practices in Your Organization[presentation]

The path to best testing practices begins with communication. By building relationships with a product's key players-developers, analysts, and end users-your test team can achieve a higher level of both quality and customer satisfaction.

Michelle Lynn Baldwin, Booz, Allen & Hamilton
Testing for Software Security[presentation]

Software can be correct without being secure. Therefore we must be vigilant in assessing the security implications of software behavior instead of being focused on the search for specification violations.

Herbert Thompson and James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology
Accessibility Testing for Users with Disabilities[presentation]

Testers have taken a lead role in providing disabled persons access to computer resources.

James Speer, VeriTest
Ready to Automate?[presentation]

Is your organization ready to benefit from automation? The decision to automate your test process can sometimes raise more questions than you expect. What tools do I need? Who should I hire? Do I need to outsource?

Bret Pettichord, Pettichord Consulting LLC
Test Progress Reporting Using Functional Readiness[presentation]

Are you looking for a way to effectively set the expectations of senior management?

Robyn Brilliant, Fannie Mae
Space Shuttle GPCF: A Retrospective Look[presentation]

This paper is based on a recent experience implementing and testing a large new software capability in a maintenance organization which had not dealt with a large change in some time.

Alan Ogletree, United Space Alliance
Delusions of Grandeur: Is Your Web Site Really Scalable?[presentation]

This presentation relates a software test lab's real-world experiences performing load testing for scalability on three Web sites.

Jim Hazen, SysTest Labs, LLC
Enterprise Test Engine Suite Technology[presentation]

Many companies invest heavily in test automation in order to verify the functionality of their complex
client/server and Web applications, only to find that anticipated cost savings and higher reliability remain

James Schaefer, Capital One
The Change Agent: Leveraging the Testing Role[presentation]

How can you help change your corporate culture to appropriately regard the role of testing? In this presentation, David Capocci shows you how to position testing as a valued part of the project team.

David Capocci, SAFECO Insurance
Testing Middleware Communication Platforms: XML to the Rescue?[presentation]

Middleware has held a significant place in software history since its advent in the 1990s. Today, middleware is being used more and more in the B2B arena.

Nitish Rathi, Independent Consultant and Manish Rathi, Telcordia Technologies


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