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An Execution Framework for Java Test Automation[presentation]

This presentation introduces the Java Execution Framework, describing test suites, test cases, and the JEF test harness.

Erick Griffin, Tivoli Systems Inc.
Automating Test Design[presentation]

The goals of this presentation are to: Redefine the term "path"; Introduce four value selection paradigms; Discuss strengths & weaknesses of each; Examine how value selection relates to automated test design capability; and Examine how te

Steve Morton, Applied Dynamics International
Implementing an Automated Regression Test Suite[presentation]

Many efforts to automate regression testing have failed or not met expectations-resulting in "shelfware." Lloyd Roden presents a real-world case study based on the success of implementing a regression test tool within a software company.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
Adventures in Web Application Performance Testing[presentation]

Examine the challenges and successes experienced by a test team analyzing application and systems performance for applications moving from distributed Client/Server solutions to centralized, Web-based designs.

Nancy Landau, ALLTEL
Scripts on My Tool Belt[presentation]

The aims of this presentation are to: convince you that "test automation" is more than automating test execution; show some examples of the kinds of things that can be accomplished with scripting languages, using simplified code samples; and

Danny Faught, Tejas Software Consulting
Failure of a Dot Com-A Case Study[presentation]

In the new economy, cliches such as "Internet time" can be disastrous.

Theresa Lanowitz, Gartner Group
Create Your Own Luck: Get Organized for Test Success[presentation]

The four "lucky" organizational factors are: clearly defined roles within-and interfaces between-test team and project; early test team involvement in project; sharing of test cases, data, and tools across test participants and phases (levels

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.
STARWEST 2001: Designing an Automated Web Test Environment[presentation]

This paper offers an alternative to the typical automated test scripting method of "record and playback now and enhance the automation environment later." It explores a regression automation system design for testing Internet applications thr

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group, Inc.
No Best Practices: How to Think About Methodology[presentation]

How do the things you hear at a conference relate to the choices you make on the job?

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.
An Introduction to Web Load Testing[presentation]

This session walks participants through the process of Web load testing. Jim Hyatt takes this opportunity to cover everything from what testing tools are available to how to plan for load testing.

Jim Hyatt, Spherion
Three Seasons of Test Automation: A Case Study[presentation]

This presentation makes the following recommendations related to automating testing: don't automate all of an application (seventy to eight percent); don't automate all applications (stable, long term); don't take a 3G approach for short term

Russell Roundtree, Landmark Graphics and Mike Sowers, Software Development Technologies
STARWEST 2001: Exploratory Testing in Pairs[presentation]

Exploratory testing involves simultaneous activities-learning about the program and the risks associated with it, planning and conducting tests, troubleshooting, and reporting results.

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc. and Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Establishing Best Testing Practices in Your Organization[presentation]

The path to best testing practices begins with communication. By building relationships with a product's key players-developers, analysts, and end users-your test team can achieve a higher level of both quality and customer satisfaction.

Michelle Lynn Baldwin, Booz, Allen & Hamilton
Testing for Software Security[presentation]

Software can be correct without being secure. Therefore we must be vigilant in assessing the security implications of software behavior instead of being focused on the search for specification violations.

Herbert Thompson and James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology
Accessibility Testing for Users with Disabilities[presentation]

Testers have taken a lead role in providing disabled persons access to computer resources.

James Speer, VeriTest


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