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Project Management Lessons from the Frontlines[presentation]

In the natural world, systems tend to go from order to disorder. The same often happens with projects, teams, and organizations.

Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development
Sorting Out Six Sigma and the CMM[presentation]

While the Capability Maturity Model has become widely accepted as an approach to software process improvement, Six Sigma is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing and service organizations.

David Card, Software Productivity Consortium
Solid Software: Is it Rocket Science?[presentation]

While we can't guarantee that our software will never fail, we can take serious steps to reduce the risk.

Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, Systems/Software, Inc.
Software Sizing: There is an Easier Way[presentation]

Project managers and software engineers need to accurately calculate delivery dates and resource needs for their software.

David Herron, The David Consulting Group
Requirements Workshops: What, Why, and How[presentation]

There's no standard formula for requirements workshops. Each project, business situation, and group of people will combine to make each workshop unique. Preparing for the requirements workshop requires collaboration.

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
Avoiding Project Failure[presentation]

Let's face facts: Software projects fail more often than they succeed-and nothing a project manager does will ever completely eliminate the possibility of failure.

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group, Inc.
Understanding Variation and Stability: The Key to Managing Your Software Process[presentation]

The control chart is a form of instrumentation that acts like a pressure gauge in the world of software development. It provides critical data to help guide the decisions made by software engineers and managers.

Anita Carleton and William Florac, Software Engineering Institute
IS and IT Benchmarking: Current Status[presentation]

Are you having trouble making a business case for benchmarking at your organization?

Mark Czarnecki, The Benchmarking Network, Inc.
Activity-Based Cost Estimating for Web-Based Software[presentation]

What does it cost to provide a feature or complete a transaction for Web-based software? In traditional activity-based cost estimating, a company looks at a product's sales activity and resources used in order to determine its cost.

Avon Leong, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
Requirements Are Requirements Are Requirements - Not![presentation]

"This isn't what I need," states Customer Bob. "But it's what you said you wanted," replies Engineer Joe. "It's not right. I need something else." We've all encountered this classic users-don't-know-what-they-want scenario.

Robin Goldsmith, GoPro Management, Inc.
Get Real! Creating Realistic, Actionable Project Schedules[presentation]

The preparation of a realistic, practical project schedule is an essential management function for obtaining stakeholder commitment, setting expectations, and communicating within the team and organization what is achievable.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.
Project Management in the e-World[presentation]

Successful project management in today's e-world depends on more than just solid project planning and tracking skills.

Bonnie Vaughan, LexisNexis
Measurement and the CMM: How Measurement Practices Evolve[presentation]

People who use the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for software often struggle with the apparent paradigm shift as they move from level to level, particularly when they reach Level four in the CMM one to five level scheme.

Charlie Weber and Beth Layman, TeraQuest Metrics
Refocusing Software Development in the New Economy[presentation]

A changing economy and fiercely competitive market have raised the bar on what we expect from software development efficiency. But are we getting the degree of productivity we expect?

Ram Chillarege, Chillarege Corp.
Function Points! It's Our Middle Name[presentation]

Function points are measures of software size that are critical to any successful measurement program.

Scott Goldfarb, International Function Point Users Group


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