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Achieving eBusiness Reliability in Internet Time[presentation]

Time-to-market is one of the realities of today's development world, as is the exposure and importance of your eBusiness.

Rohit Gupta, Segue Software
Bang for the Buck[presentation]

Test automation can be expensive and time consuming. It often takes longer than anyone expects for a test automation effort to pay off in terms of defects found, hours saved, and increased test coverage.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
eBusiness Survival: The Essentials for Automated Web Application Testing[presentation]

Trial and error is no way to survive the aggressive world of eBusiness. A complete Web testing solution is essential.

Dave Kapelanski, Compuware Corporation
Common Mistakes in Test Automation[presentation]

Automating the execution of tests is becoming more and more popular as the need to improve software quality amidst increasing system complexity becomes ever stronger.

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants
Achieving eBusiness Quality by Design[presentation]

Testing can identify software defects, but it cannot prevent them. This presentation examines the opportunity for testers to engage in achieving eBusiness quality from the beginning of the development lifecycle.

Sam Guckenheimer, Rational Software Corporation
The Importance Load Testing Plays in the Internet Economy[presentation]

This presentation suggests reducing performance problems with these Key Steps: 1) plan for performance testing; 2) use baselining and consistent metrics; 3) build realism into tests to gain accuracy; 4) leverage performance testing assets; 5)

Kevin Gallagher, Newport Group, Inc.
Preparing for Test Automation-Are You Ready?[presentation]

Test automation requires an investment in software testing tools, equipment, personnel, and time. There is also continuous maintenance required in keeping existing test scripts current as well as developing new ones.

Kerry Zallar, Bank of America
Test Automation Management[presentation]

Automating the execution of tests is becoming more and more popular as the need to improve software quality amidst increasing system complexity becomes ever stronger.

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants
A How-To Guide to Choosing Tools[presentation]

You've been tasked with finding a new software tool to help automate your organization's testing. With so many tools on the market, though, where do you start?

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc. and Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
The New Economics of Test Automation[presentation]

The New Economy is changing the dynamics of the market and the economics of test automation. There has never been a better time to invest the time and money to deploy the processes and tools necessary to achieve successful automation.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft
Test Automation-State-of-the-Practice[presentation]

The current state of software test automation is in flux. Today's technologies-the Web, Java, wireless technologies, etc.-have changed how we do business and how we need to test. Test automation technologies are changing to keep up.

Edward Kit, Software Development Technologies
Selecting Re-Tests for Corrected Defects Using Coverage Analysis Data[presentation]

Topics covered in this presentation include: Why and when to trim the test suite; How to select tests to run with

Jim Boone, SAS Institute, Inc.
A Data-Driven Testing Approach[presentation]

This presentation shows a broader vision of Test Automation
beyond the use of a test automation tool. The objectives of this
presentation are to show:

  • How to use advanced data driven techniques for test automation
Shakil Ahmad, Convergys
Developing an Automated Regression Test Set[presentation]

Automating a regression test is a tremendous effort, but the payoff is big in situations where continuous, repeatable, repetitive testing is required.

Patricia George, Sunquest Info Systems, Inc.
How to Evaluate and Select High-End Load Testing Tool[presentation]

This presentation addresses the following topics related to selecting a load testing tool: what tool characteristics matter; gathering information from vendors; determining metrics to collect; executing the test; analyzing the results; the re

Marquis Harding,


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