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Deadlines, Defects and Risk: Managing the Three-Headed Dragon[presentation]

The commercial pressures of the economy and the need for speed often impose unwieldy deadlines for software projects.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Measurement: The CEO Viewpoint[presentation]

Software managers, process engineers, and measurement specialists often evaluate measurement and metrics based on how they help the software and its customers.

Don Winter, TRW Systems
Why Are My Pants on Fire?[presentation]

Sometimes it seems we software managers are so busy responding to crises that we don't have time to go back and figure out how we got in the mess to begin with.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
A Reliable Build-and-Deploy Process for Web Applications[presentation]

While the Internet provides an array of powerful tools and utilities for developing Web applications, it also requires adequate usage management of these resources.

Bhushan Gupta, Hewlett-Packard Company
Building a Learning QA Organization[presentation]

As managers, we're stewards of our company's assets. Each team's capacity to learn-and rate of learning-should be treated as something to be developed, just like coding skills and other intangible corporate assets.

Bill Goleman, Mangosoft, Inc.
Using a Process Database for Transition to CMM Level 4[presentation]

When competition requires better, cheaper, and faster projects, organizations seek a quantitative understanding of productivity and quality.

Rick Hefner, TRW Systems
Using a Test Lab Effectively[presentation]

"Outsourcing" testing-or use of external test labs to perform some or all of a testing effort-is becoming common within the software industry. Using a test lab has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Howie Dow, Compaq Computer Corporation
Don't Forget to Test Your Web Application Servers![presentation]

Make certain your storefront stays open for business! In this presentation, Simon Berman discusses the critical part that Web and application servers play in an Internet infrastructure.

Simon Berman, Mercury Interactive
Did Your Tests Pass or Fail? Answering with Automation[presentation]

Automated tests using self-verifying data (SVD) can help determine if your query-type tests have the right information or if they are showing you the expected views.

Noel Nyman, Microsoft
Applying Development Best Practices to Automated Testing[presentation]

Test automation is a specialized form of software development where executable code is produced for the validation and testing process.

Andy Tinkham, Spherion Technology Architects
Software Test Automation Fall 2001: Data-Driven Automated Testing Using XML[presentation]

Test automation is an unavoidable entity for testing Web-based applications where reduced time-to-market is the name of the game.

Rutesh Shah, Arsin Corporation
Choosing an Automated Web Application Testing Solution: What You Need to Know[presentation]

The Internet has injected critical changes into how businesses must guarantee the quality of their enterprise applications.

Yves de Montcheuil, Empirix
Establishing a Telecommunication Test Automation System[presentation]

Building an environment to successfully test wireless intelligent network peripherals presents an array of complex problems to resolve.

Greg Clower, Software Development Technologies
A Rigorous and Highly Effective Approach to Website Load Testing[presentation]

In this presentation, you will learn how to leverage the power of modern load testing tools to avoid misleading conclusions, and obtain accurate and reliable results by

Alberto Savoia, Keynote Systems
Requirements-Driven Automated Testing[presentation]

Studies have shown that over fifty percent of software defects are attributed to poorly defined requirements.

Jeff Tatelman, Spherion Technology Architects


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