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Speaking to Your Management: What Do You Do When They Do Not Listen[presentation]

This presentation explains some of the language barriers and experience barriers between management and quality assurance professionals.

Ed Weller, Software Technology Transition
Software Improvement Feedback Loops: How to Develop a Learning Organization[presentation]

Over the past twenty-five years, the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) at NASA/GSFC has studied mechanisms for improving the software process and product.

Victor Basili, Software Engineering Laboratory
Thinking About People, Process, and Product: A Principle that Works at Work[presentation]

All projects involve the three P's: people, process, and product. People includes everyone who influences the project. Process is the steps taken to produce and maintain software. Product is the final outcome of the project.

Dwayne Phillips, U.S. Department of Defense
A Practical Framework for Software Measurement[presentation]

Measurement is often defined in terms of collecting data, distinguishing it from analysis-the interpretation and use of data. Clearly, the collection of data must be driven by its intended use.

David Card, Software Productivity Consortium
A Force for Change-Using Resistance Positively[presentation]

When we try to improve our organizations, we inevitably encounter resistance. This presentation describes how to turn resistance into a resource.

Dale Emery, Sun Microsystems
Launching a Web Development Team[presentation]

Based on a real-life case study, learn how one Fortune 500 manufacturing company-with four development groups in two locations-created a flexible and cost-efficient Web development solution to meet the needs of an expanding business.

Thomas Vlasic, John Deere Co.
Organization: The Forgotten Dimension[presentation]

Explore the software project manager's actual, perceived, and desired position in an organization.

Mark Servello, Change Bridge, Inc.
Predictive Metrics to Estimate Post Project Costs[presentation]

How much will it cost to support your software project based on current estimations?

Geoffrey Facer, Intel Corporation
Three Numbers to Measure Project Performance[presentation]

We present a method which produces at any time during the execution of a big software
development project a reliable prediction of the total duration and of the total cost to expect

Thomas Liedtke and Peter Paetzold, Alcatel
From Zero to 100: Project Metrics in an Investment Bank[presentation]

Metrics collection, interpretation, and data quality always present a challenge to organizations. In the midst of an ever-increasing organization such as Goldman Sachs, the need for comprehensive metrics has become a top priority.

Barry Young and Arun Banerjee, Goldman Sachs and Co.
Better Testing-Worse Quality?[presentation]

Many organizations react to quality issues encountered after shipping a product by renewing their emphasis on testing. The logic is that better testing would have resulted in better software.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
B2B and B2C Software Project Management—So What's Different?[presentation]

Learn how to understand and address the unique and not so unique aspects of Internet-based business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) project development.

Rick Smith, ObjectSpace, Inc.
Predicting Software Errors and Defects[presentation]

This paper introduces a fault model that predicts the number of errors and defects throughout the development cycle.

Mark Criscione, Motorola
Success Factors and Measures in Outsourced Application Development[presentation]

Today's e-conomy is creating higher time pressures than ever in application development. Many organizations are responding to the deadline pressures and backlogs through partnering.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Put Your Power to Work![presentation]

Power is the ability to create value. If you want to create more value in your organization, you must learn to tap the abundant resources of power.

Dale Emery, Sun Microsystems


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