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Is That Your Final Answer? Auditing Your Measurement Program[presentation]

More and more organizations are committed to establishing an effective measurement program. Big or small, measurement takes time and resources. The overriding key to measurement program success is accuracy.

David Herron, The David Consulting Group
System Test Measurement-What, When, How?[presentation]

Elaine Soat presents an easy set of measurements to use during system testing (QA test cycle). Examine measurements taken from defect tracking and application coverage to projected testing hours versus actual testig hours.

Elain Soat, CarteGraph Systems
The Need for Speed: Filling the Empty Chair[presentation]

The paper provides an analysis of challenges that engineering and human resources managers face when attempting to recruit new staff.

Anntoinette Gurvin, General Dynamics Information Systems
Software Requirements: When They Think They Know What I Want… and They Don't[presentation]

Pat Medvick presents tales of successful and unsuccessful attempts at gathering requirements from scientists-highlighting the inherent problems and possible solutions. Learn how to gather requirements from multi-site domain experts.

Pat Medvick, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Successful Project Management in the Face of Shifting People and Teams[presentation]

The best project managers know to superbly manage the subtleties of risks, employee turnover, personality clashes, shifting priorities, and other unexpected events.

Angela Gilchrist, CyberOptics Corporation
Experiences with Global Software Architecture Design and Development[presentation]

In this paper, we describe our experience designing and developing a system-for acquiring and processing data from electric, gas, and water meters-among four development sites located in Switzerland, Germany, and the U.S.

Daniel Paulish, Siemens Corporate Research
Deploying Software Configuration Management-A Case History[presentation]

Bill Buie presents a picture of what software configuration management looks like--and what it took to get there--in a real-life organization.

Bill Buie, Pliant Systems, Inc.
Using Statistics to Evaluate Process Improvement[presentation]

The techniques associated with Statistical Process Control (SPC) are very useful, but they are not sufficient alone to
provide inferential comparisons. An additional need is the ability to make valid

Paul Below, EDS
Estimating Software Productivity and Quality on Large Systems[presentation]

Estimating productivity (e.g., lines of source code developed per hour) and quality (e.g., code defect rates) are difficult on large software projects that involve several companies or sites, emphasize reuse of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

Jack Alanen, California State University
Estimating in the Web World[presentation]

Discover the techniques used by estimators to overcome the challenges they are confronted with in attempting to estimate totally new development environments in the Web/e-commerce world.

Lawrence Putnam, Jr., QSM, Inc.
Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Software Inspections[presentation]

Attempts to create user-friendly statistical process control (SPC) charts for software inspections often have
failed. A principle cause of these problems is the failure to recognize the asymmetric distributions of the

Don Porter, Motorola
Software Metrics "State of the Practice"[presentation]

In this session, Peter Kulik presents the results of KLCI's third industry survey on software metrics usage conducted in the fourth quarter of 2000.

Peter Kulik, KLCI, Inc.
Effort Tracking Made Easy[presentation]

Tracking effort is often a difficult cultural change to implement.

Lynn Cole, Spherion Technology Architects
Managing Concurrent Software Releases in Development and Test[presentation]

There is an ever-growing need to provide complex software products to customers on a short development schedule. Additionally, the customers need to be able to count on release dates for planning purposes.

David Shinberg, Lucent Technologies
A Disciplined Approach to High Velocity Software Development[presentation]

When faced with the challenge of shortening delivery cycles, the old economy manufacturing companies utilized disciplined quality techniques to reduce scrap and rework and improve productivity.

Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services, Inc.


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