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B2B and B2C Software Project Management—So What's Different?[presentation]

Learn how to understand and address the unique and not so unique aspects of Internet-based business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) project development.

Rick Smith, ObjectSpace, Inc.
Predicting Software Errors and Defects[presentation]

This paper introduces a fault model that predicts the number of errors and defects throughout the development cycle.

Mark Criscione, Motorola
Success Factors and Measures in Outsourced Application Development[presentation]

Today's e-conomy is creating higher time pressures than ever in application development. Many organizations are responding to the deadline pressures and backlogs through partnering.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Put Your Power to Work![presentation]

Power is the ability to create value. If you want to create more value in your organization, you must learn to tap the abundant resources of power.

Dale Emery, Sun Microsystems
Metrics: Giving the Answer to the Right Question[presentation]

What metrics are you going to give me? This is the type of question managers ask their QA analysts at the start of each project.

Kenneth Paczas, Compuware Corporation
Process Improvement in Large Organizations: Walking the Maze[presentation]

Every problem-solving activity in an organization requires some learning. Both the stakeholders and the
facilitators of the organization need to learn as they go through change. This paper describes our first

Nynke Fokma, Moebius Consultancy and Erwin van der Bij, Lucent Technologies
The World Wild Web: A New Paradigm of Responsiveness Reliability[presentation]

While the Internet was once a simple tool for educational institutions to share information, it is now a unique venue for marketing, selling, and gathering information.

Jenny Jones, Segue Software
The Software Organization as a Complex Adaptive System[presentation]

We are living and working in the "knowledge rea" where business, technological, and organizational changes cannot be predicted or foreseen. One minute you are on top; the next minute, you are obsolete.

Nir Merry, Applied Materials and Dr. John Bruckman, Change Management Group
Measures that Predict Change[presentation]

Prediction becomes more accurate when there are measured trends to show the way. Knowing what to collect and review is only half of the process of predicting change.

Gail Borotto, EDS
A Metrics Dashboard for IT Project Reporting[presentation]

Tom Olenick described the activities performed to design, develop, deploy, and maintain a Project Management Metrics Dashboard across the IT organization of a major Chicago-based securities organization.

Thomas Olenick, Olenick & Associates
To Fight the Fire Without Completely Being Burned: A New Perspective on Heroes and Firefighters[presentation]

Michael Hovan discusses the implementation of Bayer Corporation's measurement database over the past year. Discover the types of metrics collected, how the data is stored, and ways the data is analyzed and ultimately used.

Michael Hovan, Wind River Doctor Design Services
Warp 6, Mr. Sulu: The Future of Software Development[presentation]

As a manager, you have many readings which help you monitor your course. Choosing a direction is a different matter. Like the crew of any Star Trek episode, you may have to make a decision based on the unknown.

Becky Winant, Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Gaps, Traps, and Overlaps: Communication Flaws and How to Fix Them[presentation]

In some organizations, communication flaws are rampant and muddled messages are the norm.

Naomi Karten, Karten Associates
The Story Software Defects Tell about Project Management[presentation]

We often evaluate and design software processes and activities as if putting them on lists and schedules will automatically make them happen.

Robert Grady, Hewlett-Packard Co., Retired
eXtreme Programming Meets Measurement[presentation]

With the Internet explosion creating new "e-somethings" daily, and society embracing X-anything, it should come as no surprise that eXtreme Programming is the latest concept to hit IT.

Carol Dekkers, Quality Plus Technologies, Inc.


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