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after upgrading one database from synergy 6.5 to 7.1 checking on the MDL_INFO file for the recent upgraded datbases i.e "x" and another one with version 7.1 i.e "y" I found a differance which is "IBM Rational Synergy Fix Pack" found only on Y file database and not found on X databases (which is reacnetly upgraded)

is there any clarification for this please




By Param M - June 29, 20144 Answers


I am working an project to migrate from SVN to Clearcase UCM. Kindly guide me if any one have step by step process to move with or without revision files from SVN to Clearcase UCM.


Thanks in advance.

I am trying to connect to dimensions via Desktop client and am getting the error as "failed to connect to the dimensions server" .

The same error comes when connecting via dmcli as well.

the oracle is running while we check the server.
can you help us to resolve this.

By LaShawn Dorsey - June 11, 20141 Answer

Should the FCA be started after system testing or user acceptance testing?  Currently on my project, I start the FCA after system testing and begin the PCA after user acceptance testing.

I need to conduct the survey that provides, at a high-level, what current CM practices 5-7 customers in the satellite industry use for hardware, software, and information (e.g., documentation and
drawings). I've identified the CM practices as: management & planning, configuration identification, configuration
change control, configuration status accounting, and verification &


I've identified the companies and persons I will interview and am now trying to develop a list of questions that could be answered (with or without the interviewee conducting minimal research) in a week or less. Any suggestions on pertinent questions to ask? I have some simple yes/no questions as to if the company uses and maintains CM practices for software, hardware, and documentation. But, I suspect these simple yes/no questions are insufficient. I familiary with CM as it applies to documentation, but I'm just learning about CM as it applies to hardware and software. My concern is that I may not be asking the right questions for hardware and software. What other questions should I be asking? Are there pertinent questions to ask that involve collecting numbers (e.g., lines of software code, number of COTS software products). Any resources I could use as a guide?

Thanks for the help.






Hi All,

I am aware of the fact that application servers (both Enterprise and Dev-op tools) can be configured to generate critical data files such as server log files for instance. Data files can also be generated at various levels within an application server. This may vary between different software vendors, but its certainly possible to generate data files in different formats.

But, companies usually have an infrastructure that consists of many different types of application servers that may be interconnected via LAN, Internet, Load balanced etc., It becomes important to capture the critical real time data from the data files and visualize the status of servers or KPIs (especially in Production environments).

So, I would like to know if there are any data visualization tools that might generate graphs based on these data files (as input)? If so, can you please list them? And briefly explain their pros and cons?

Appreciate your help!




Hello ,

I am looking for a SCM solution for managing Production environment configuration .

We are have a complex apllication of iBorders solution which involves 6 components out of which 2 components are in C++ and rest in Java technology.

All application are communication using IBM MQ and intra communication is happening with Active AMQ .

Its a new set-up so I am trying to implement a SCM solution so that I can manage all configurations in version control and some mechanism to control every configuration change,

Will this be good to decide on directory structure and check-in all in SVN and then restrict all change to go through SVN ?

Please suggest .


Thanks in Advance !!

I am building a binder reference for an Army contract to support FCA and PCA requirements.  

In CM Synergy,I tried to convert an existing directory into a subproject.But I am receiving this error.

the name has been used in several projects,but the name has to be retained same as per requirement.



I am getting error "Project already exists and the multiple local project instances option is disabled" while creating a subproject in CM Synergy


By Madhava Verma Dantuluri - February 22, 20141 Answer

What would be the challenges in the SCM implementation.


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