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By Jirong Hu - February 11, 20147 Answers

I feel lost now. I have been a SCM consultant with IBM tools for more than 10 years. Now it's all gone.

First, IBM tools are getting out of business. Most of companies moved to the 10 times cheaper and maybe better open source tools such as GIT, TeamCity and JIRA etc. There is no way IBM can compete with them, even with the new RTC. They are just so much cheaper and in today's business, cheaper is what the management want.

Second, when come with open source tools, people think everybody can work with it. Just let devevelopment team install it and use it. And because it's cheaper, nobody will seriously question it. So there is no need for SCM consultants. Doesn't matter about branching strategy anymore. In my current company, people just install these tools without even an architecture and design document. I guess they just start to use it and will figure out things later.

So where is our next job?



I am doing a cleanup of  a projects unorganized configuration of their software product(s).  I am working very closely with software/hardware quality.  They recommended I look at the requirements for the products.  I don't have a problem looking at them but I just don't want the project to think I will eventually be responsible with ensurinig their software is meeting their requirments.  What if any level of responsibilty should I set to review or be familiar with their requirments?

By Anonymous - February 4, 20142 Answers

I am in the process of updating a CM Plan to include IUID requirements. Is there currently a CM Plan which has the necessary language?

By Deepak Bawankar - January 28, 20141 Answer

Hi All,
I am using Synergy 7.1. I am trying to create a new CV type. But, I get a warning message "Unable to create new CV type '<type_name>'". I am using ccm_admin account, and ofcourse with classic client. Also, this type does not exist.
Since it is only warning message, I am unable to trace the reason.
Any suggestion ?




Is there any SCM tool which allows to define dependency between any 2 artifacts within the project.

Technically this is possible with some tools like Maven & Make but in case of any 2 word documents can this be defined using SCM tools?



I have a development background, but haven't written code in over ten years. Our shop is primarily C++.

By Ajay Kanse - December 15, 20132 Answers

This is regarding SVN branching strategy- What is harm in deleting trunk and copying branch to trunk to reflect production code which was delivered from Branch.

It is known that history on trunk will be lost however history on the repository still exist and any file at any revision can be recovered. So what would be issues with deleting trunk and recreating trunk from branch.

By John Stafford - November 22, 20134 Answers

I have a large group of projects that are set to use a particular user group for approval and notifications.

I need to switch them to use a different existing group.  


I am trying to find out the projects which are in state integrate and have a specific purpose by specific user  I tried the command:

ccm query -o <user_id> -t project -state integrate

This command gives me all the projects which are in integrate state and owned by the user. But, I am unable to further filter this command to give me only the list of projects with purpose=Integration Testing.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks and Regards,


What is the difference between serena dimensions & PVCS ..Are they both same or are they the prodcut of different owner?



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