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By Paul Perry - December 18, 20151 Answer

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to understand how companies using SVN, TFS, Git, GitHub perform backing out production deployments from two perspectives, your re-deployment method but more importantly, how are you indicating in your respective repo that if code was rolled back, what are you doing internally with your SCM tool to force a message to developers that code was backed out.


Paul Perry

Hello All ,

I am looking for a solution on how can we monitor the traffic received on UDP ports ( preferably through Nagios)

As per our setup , we are using Data Diode for highly secure unidirectional flow . There is a backend third party application which is sending data and it comes through data diode to the top layer on specific UDP port ( dual node active-active setup for high availability ) .

Now sometimes we fall in the situation when one of the data diode leg stop working which ultimately impacts the overall  data flow .

As per current situation , I am using a customised shell script which uses TCPDUMP on UDP ports to ensure we are receiving data on both leg of Data daiode . The script use to monitor the TCPDUMP traffic every 15 min and if no data received in last 15 min then sleep for 10 min and check again.

If no data received while second check then raise an alarm via Nagios .

Please let me know if we can use more optimised solution to monitor this setup .


Thanks in Advance !!


Is anyone aware of a publication where guidlines are provided for helping determine the number of administrators needed for supporting a specific SCM Tool given a number of developers?

Project to be performed in 2 equally complex phases, each phase to deliver to production about 4 months apart.  The project has been identified as 8.0.  Our baseline naming convention says change the first number for a major enhancement/upgrade.  If the first baseline is named to coincide with the project (8.0), then what name/identifier do I give to the baseline when phase 2 is ready?

Is there any certification available in India If yes please share details for same

I would like to know of the latest releases of Rational DOORS, Rational Synergy and Rational Change is Windows Server 2012 compliant.


Thanks in advance,



By Karthik SP - June 29, 20151 Answer

Please suggest technical certifications that will add more value to my profile. I have 8 years of SCM experience. Thanks. 

We have a few shared projects used as buckets for adhoc pieces of code, and it looks like one of them was checked in 3 weeks ago; they normally sit at 'shared' status, but one has now changed to 'test' status and build managers are now unable to add new objects (permission denied to workarea folder).

Is there an easy way for me to move this project back from 'test' to 'prep' that anyone knows?

Thanks in advance


I am Trying to Intgrated FinalBuilder to TFS 2013, there is no steo by step Documentation



On Unix, with solairs:
I have a baseline with subprojects that I am trying to get to disk. The documentaion says using 'copy to file system' will put the date of the file to the copy time. (It appears though to be related to the setting of wa_time or not.) We want the create/edit time of the file when we put it to disk, and with the documentation saying what it does, I am trying to use ccm work_area to set the paths of the parent and each subproject and then unmaintain it. The parent project is a grouping project with the subprojects set to not being relative to the parent because we use them in other grouping projects (like include_variant and src_variant).

Sitting in directory X, I run 'ccm work_area -maintain_wa -copy_based -not_modifiable -setpath "/home/X/y/z/" -no_recurse -project subprojectA~1

What happens is, the project dumps correctly as "/home/X/y/z/subprojectA/files" but it also does "/home/X/parent_project/subprojectA as symbolic link to /home/X/y/z/subprojectA"

It creates the parent_project directory with the inner symbolic subproject name where ever I am sitting when I do the setpath of the ccm work_area.

Why is it creating a parent_project directory and the symbolic links? The Int and Sys projects work fine. Does it have something to do with it being a baseline? (I have the 'use project version in path' turned off.)

Thanks (I have spend hours on this)


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