Does use of Bitbucket necessarily require distributed CM?

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Stephen Gorin asked on January 19, 2016 - 12:29pm | Replies (1).

My company is replacing Source Safe.  For some reason Bitbucket has been selected. This is likely because we use other Atlassian tools.

My question is, does use of Bitbuck require that a distributed CM model be in place?

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Bob Aiello replied on January 28, 2016 - 9:35pm.

Hi Steve,
you are asking an interesting question and perhaps you need to elaborate on your definition of a distributed version control system just to ensure that I am answering the right question. Bitbucket of course is essentially a wrapper around Git which itself is a distributed version control soluton (VCS).

That does not necessarily mean that you have use it that way. I support Bitbucket in an enterprise environment as I have with IBM's RTC and ClearCase. It is distributed in that we clone repos, which can actually be used as distributed master repos (e.g. bare repo). ClearCase was certainly a server model but you could use it with snapshot views. Subversion and RTC both allowed you to create sandboxes or workspaces which have many properties similar to cloning a repo.
So the simple answer to your question is that Bitbucket is a wrapper around Git which is a distributed VCS. But we could discuss your use case a little more - which might more closely resemble a server model

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor

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