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By Michael Stern - September 26, 20131 Answer

Can anyone direct me to a website/source containing simple, effective CM Audit Checklist & CM Audit Report samples?

I have read several case studies on configuration management implementations and all indicate that only about  15% of companies attempting to implement a CMDB have been successful.  That's an abysmal percentage for a project that is both expensive and time consuming and therefore unlikely to gain much traction with IT leadership.  Can anyone provide real world examples of a system being implemented in a large, IT environment hosting a variety of technologies and supporting many different business units?  I have also read numerous articles from Forrester and Gartner and had conversations with consultants from the large consultant shops but they only speak in generalizations.  I'm really looking for real world examples of succssful implementation backed with true analysis of benefits realization and cost vs. benefit.  Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

By Amy Shebes - September 25, 20131 Answer

How do I go about posting a job on this site.  I was referred here by a member who suggested that members would appreciate it.  I cannot figure out how to post one though.  Any assistance is much apprecaited.

Thank you.

Looking for recommendations on Inventory Management/RMA Tracking software that integrate with Arena Solutions

CM, ALM Engineer in Toronto, ON - web, tfs, sql - [email protected]

I need a way to schedule a promotion in dimensions for use with a deployment

Can someone please explain the difference between configuration control and version control?

By Phillip Marker - August 1, 20131 Answer

I am presently a Configuration Manager, unemployed.

Looking for employment in the Dayton/Fairborn, Ohio (or 50mi rad.) area.

Anyone with job opportunity please contact me.

[email protected]

Use subject: CM Cross Job



I am in a process of standardazing the project naming convetion. And I want to know how many characters are permissible for a project name ? I can do Hit and Trial, but I am being lazy for it. I went through the manuals but dint find the required information. Can some one please suggest.



When confronted with a legacy system with large numbers of essentially undocumented components, has anyone found it useful to create some sort of data model/entity relationship model? Something that starts with the build dependencies but maybe goes further.


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