How to manage all configuration of production environment using CM tools ?

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Hello ,

I am looking for a SCM solution for managing Production environment configuration .

We are have a complex apllication of iBorders solution which involves 6 components out of which 2 components are in C++ and rest in Java technology.

All application are communication using IBM MQ and intra communication is happening with Active AMQ .

Its a new set-up so I am trying to implement a SCM solution so that I can manage all configurations in version control and some mechanism to control every configuration change,

Will this be good to decide on directory structure and check-in all in SVN and then restrict all change to go through SVN ?

Please suggest .


Thanks in Advance !!

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you need to give us a little more detail in order for anyone to be able to help you.
What exactly are you looking for an SCM solution to handle? Environment management is a pretty complicated topic in this context. You mentioned version control and certainly there are many version control solutions that can help you control configurations including changes to interfaces.

Some deployment frameworks can also help to discover current runtime behavior.
Implementing a CMDB would seem appropriate here but this is not a magic bullet. You need to make your components discoverable or else the CMDB will not have up to date information.

It would be good to define what you want to control and then we can suggest potential tools to help you get this done.


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