Application Server Data Visualization?

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Hi All,

I am aware of the fact that application servers (both Enterprise and Dev-op tools) can be configured to generate critical data files such as server log files for instance. Data files can also be generated at various levels within an application server. This may vary between different software vendors, but its certainly possible to generate data files in different formats.

But, companies usually have an infrastructure that consists of many different types of application servers that may be interconnected via LAN, Internet, Load balanced etc., It becomes important to capture the critical real time data from the data files and visualize the status of servers or KPIs (especially in Production environments).

So, I would like to know if there are any data visualization tools that might generate graphs based on these data files (as input)? If so, can you please list them? And briefly explain their pros and cons?

Appreciate your help!




2 Answers

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Hi Pradeep,
this is commonly done using log analyzer tools including Splunk
(among many other great products)

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor CM Crossroads

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Thanks Bob. Will try the tool.




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