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As there are many version control tools available, I want to know the diffenrences among them and benifites of them.

Many of us support automated Windows installation. I have used MS Build for some time and most recently got to play with ClickOnce which is great. But what about legacy Windows applications? Do you still use Wise or InstallShield? What are the best practices and best products for supporting legacy windows application installation?

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By Bob Aiello - February 10, 20131 Answer

DevOps means a lot of things to different people. I would like to start a discuss here on exactly what DevOps means to you. 

What do you think DevOps really means? Is it important? If so, why is it important?

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Using ClearCase Remote Client,, attempting to deliver a single activity with a single change from a child stream to the parent.  Get this error mesage:

Error: " malformed response: Content-ID "CheckoutInfo""

Merge take place but I have to go to the target veiw and check the file in, which succeeds without incident.  Error only occurs when performing the delivery.

I suppose this is both a "new CM Crossroads format" opinion as well as a question.  I have now attempted to follow two links from the old ClearCase International User Group (CCIUG) and both have come up with 404 Not Found errors.  How do I find this type of data?  The search utilties I've found on the site so far are worthless and the documents are just not to be found...

Here is a quick review of the new site:

I think the new format is pretty but disfunctional.  By completely dropping the old forums and not providing an archive to keep the old linked data available I'm afraid that this site isn't nearly as useful as it was in the past.  I've always liked Bob but I have to say I miss Patrick.  With the old forums it was easy to quickly identify a location of interest and then to drill down into that or search it for more targeted relevant data.  This new format...not so much.

-michael reed

How does everyone like the new CM Crossroads website?

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I'm interested in both:

1. Basic (must have) metrics

2. Advanced (good to have) metrics

It's been awhile since I posted anything here, it's just that I came across this:

With Google use being so widespread, and because "Google Code University (GCU) does not require registration and materials are free to use."

Folks, using this resource will pick up the implied SCM "definition" here of the old bugbear of SCM being seen as just Version Control

Or have we moved on since the days we used to (ty and) fight against this . . . ? . . .



Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand the StarTeam checkin model.

A colleague told me that you can check a file into StarTeam even though it has not been first checked out. Is this true and, if so, how is this different than adding a new file to StarTeam? Is StarTeam using an unreserved checkout model?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Aiello

By rkruck - December 9, 20102 Answers

ClearCase includes a build facility ClearMake, which is a wrapper for UNIX make I believe.

Does StarTeam have a similar built-in capability of performing builds?

Example: Could StarTeam be used to combine *.dll files into a single *.exe file? Or would some other program that contained build capabilities need to be ordered -- in addition to StarTeam -- in order to be able to perform such a build?


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