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Within Harvest Release 7 there has been a table harpathfullname. This table does not exist anymore in Release 12. How can I list all items of a package iuncluding the full patth name within the repository


By Ambika S - February 5, 20142 Answers


Lets say our team wants to push a perl script to production asap. The developer has committed the code in subversion. Now how does this reach the build person? Do you use any modern tools for requesting/approval process for the release. Right now we are using our own system developed using perl/cgi which scans for the new commits and displays it so that dev can choose the file with the version and request a code release.

We want to improvise this as we are moving to svn. How does everyone achieve this? What tools, plugins do you use for requesting a particular file and its version? How about the approvals?

Thanks in advance.

By Deepak Bawankar - January 28, 20141 Answer

Hi All,
I am using Synergy 7.1. I am trying to create a new CV type. But, I get a warning message "Unable to create new CV type '<type_name>'". I am using ccm_admin account, and ofcourse with classic client. Also, this type does not exist.
Since it is only warning message, I am unable to trace the reason.
Any suggestion ?




Is there any SCM tool which allows to define dependency between any 2 artifacts within the project.

Technically this is possible with some tools like Maven & Make but in case of any 2 word documents can this be defined using SCM tools?



By Ajay Kanse - December 15, 20132 Answers

This is regarding SVN branching strategy- What is harm in deleting trunk and copying branch to trunk to reflect production code which was delivered from Branch.

It is known that history on trunk will be lost however history on the repository still exist and any file at any revision can be recovered. So what would be issues with deleting trunk and recreating trunk from branch.

By Frank Monden - December 6, 20131 Answer


By Ambika S - October 28, 20131 Answer

Hi everyone,

What is the workflow of a code release using SVN? Do the developers cut a tag every time they need to push some code to production?  Right now we use CVS and the developers request code change through a request form which scans for files and the versions. They select the files and request a code change. The release enginner starts with the file names and their versions, checks out and releases to test and prod. How can I achieve something like this in SVN. since SVN uses global revision numbering system I would like to know if developers request the entire repository after creating a tag or do file based?

By Ambika S - October 23, 20135 Answers

Hi,What is a good source control tool for stand-alone scripts(shell, perl etc)? svn is at the project level,not file based.

What is the difference between serena dimensions & PVCS ..Are they both same or are they the prodcut of different owner?


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