Why don't any links to white papers or other downloadable content work any longer?

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Michael Reed asked on January 24, 2013 - 1:32pm | Replies (1).

I suppose this is both a "new CM Crossroads format" opinion as well as a question.  I have now attempted to follow two links from the old ClearCase International User Group (CCIUG) and both have come up with 404 Not Found errors.  How do I find this type of data?  The search utilties I've found on the site so far are worthless and the documents are just not to be found...

Here is a quick review of the new site:

I think the new format is pretty but disfunctional.  By completely dropping the old forums and not providing an archive to keep the old linked data available I'm afraid that this site isn't nearly as useful as it was in the past.  I've always liked Bob but I have to say I miss Patrick.  With the old forums it was easy to quickly identify a location of interest and then to drill down into that or search it for more targeted relevant data.  This new format...not so much.

-michael reed

1 Answer

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"This new format...not so much"

Mmmmm "not so much"!! Master of the understatement.......



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