Does StarTeam have a build facility?

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rkruck asked on December 9, 2010 - 5:46pm | Replies (2).

ClearCase includes a build facility ClearMake, which is a wrapper for UNIX make I believe.

Does StarTeam have a similar built-in capability of performing builds?

Example: Could StarTeam be used to combine *.dll files into a single *.exe file? Or would some other program that contained build capabilities need to be ordered -- in addition to StarTeam -- in order to be able to perform such a build?

2 Answers

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StarTeam does not have anything like ClearMake. However, it does have a build tool called Team Inspector (like IBM BuildForge, but with very basic functionality). You need to call your own compilers (e.g. java, c, c++, etc) and build utilities (e.g. make) from Team Inspector.

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StarTeam Inspector comes bundled with Enterprise Advantage. Its 2011, and a new version will be out soon.

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