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We are using Telelogic Synergy Release 6.5.4096 running with Windows XP and Windows 7. When we archive Unix formatted files into a Synergy project, the file format gets converted to Windows/DOS (carriage return added).

Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

We'd like to keep our Unix files in that format, and our Windows files in that format. I don't see an option to set.

Thanks, Mike

We are using Telelogic Synergy Release 6.5.4096.

Some users have had repeated problems of Updating a Synergy project, but not getting the latest versions of files, even when no apparent file version conflict exists. For example, a folder with changes in it does not get revised to the next folder version with the new files in it.

The Update hasn't failed (no failed message in the "Messages" window), but the user's copy of the project is still not up-to-date with regard to that folder and its files.

Normally, our method has been to use "Sync Work Area", handle that set of files, then do the "Update" on the project.

It has been suggested that we should do the "Update" first, then the Sync. But, I think, the order doesn't matter because Synergy will not update files that have been changed by the user, for whatever reason.

Any idea of what's going on with the updates?

Is there something simple we should be doing to avoid projects not having current file versions when an update seems to work?

Thanks, Mike

I work with Synergy 7.1 (web interface only).

For one of my project, it will be necessary to show the version of all files or a lot of files inside the work area. With the GUI, it's possible to modify the option to see the "project-specific in work area path". But, does it possible to make the same for all files?

Thank you for your help.


The cli connection(java client) was established in a client machine (Solaris box), but when we invoked the ccm stop command it became unresponsive for hours until we have no choice but to execute ccmdb shutdown.

thanks in advance!

Problem is ccm users opens a text file.

I would like to either save this file somewhere or save its content.

I need help for a perl script I'm writing....

We used perl script for dcm deliveries with success.

This is my issue : I need to deliver a released project (library to be used by development teams). But, within this project not all objects are to be delivered : so I'v already suggest that they be with a version matching 'proto*'.

This what I tried :
1- Deliver the project via DCM : but I can't unuse/delete those objects and command dcm -remove -ts didn't work :angry:

2- Find the objects of the project with a query excluding those with version matching 'proto*', deliver them with DCM... and then I should have to create a project but I didn't find an easy way to add all directories and files with the same hierarchy :blink:

I would rather use solution 1, if there is a way to exclude indirect members...

After that I have to find how to update the delivered project : for exemple my database has received library-1.0. Then library-1.1 is released and the development received it...

Is there a dcm commands to do that ? (It must not be automatic !!)


I've been reading through the Synergy Admin guides we have and one of them recommends running this command weekly, after the ccmdb backup has run.

To the best of my knowledge, this is something we haven't been doing.

Before I run it though, I'm wondering if anybody knows (a) how long the command takes to run, and (b) is repairing the indices likely to increase Synergy performance at all?

The size of our databse is as follows:

[code]bash-3.00$ ccmdb info -k size <db_name>
2953216 KBYTES[/code]


I need to know if there is a way to log all the client requests to the CM Synergy server on the Server. I know that the Client maintains a log, but is there a way to log them on the server as well.

I need to specifically know when each user last updated the source code.


I would like to disable some options from Java Client of Synergy. For example, I dont want developers to Create Release. As an admin, I want it to do myself for them.
Is this possible to disable Actions --> Create Release... ?

Deepak Bawankar

We have folders and tasks using the same naming convention, we basically operate only on these displaynames in GUI.

Now in scripting the CLI the things get a little bit more complicated, as a test has to be done to discern whether the displayname is of a task or of a folder. Is there a way via some sort of a query (or other command) to get such info not necessarily via cvtype, but in a manner that can be scripted. (cm Syn 6.5 and 7.1)



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